The future is here and it's digital first.

After three straight years of unprecedented uncertainty, consumers have shown extraordinary resilience by converting to a digital-first lifestyle without missing a beat.
In our 2022 global survey of financial services customers, we heard one thing loud and clear. They want intuitive, personalised experiences that emphasise their overall financial wellbeing. Maybe that’s no surprise, but, time is running out for firms to invest in experiences that keep customers happy and loyal.
of insurance customers strongly agree their vendors are invested in their financial wellbeing.
of banking customers initiate relationships on a website or app.
of wealth and asset management customers are extremely satisfied with their firm’s ability to resolve customer issues and inquiries swiftly.



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Create easy, efficient banking experiences with tactical automation.

Digital-first customers expect more from their banks. Our research demonstrates an opportunity for banks to use automation to create better experiences while driving efficiency.
of customers switched their banking provider for an easier, more intuitive experience.

"End-to-end automation is too complicated, too expensive, and too uncertain. Automation that is selectively applied to certain problematic spots is where you get the immediate ROI."

The Future of Financial Services



Combine digital experiences with stellar service for insurance success.

Due to the complexity of interactions, insurance has been one of the slower sectors to adopt digital transformation. However, our research shows that customers are increasingly willing to switch to digital-first newcomers due to ease of use and onboarding.

“[Customers] want FSIs to go beyond just fulfilling their requests to anticipating and delivering what they will want or need next. This can happen through predictive personalisation based on each customer’s unique journey.”

The Future of Financial Services


Wealth And Asset Management

Wow wealth and asset management customers with personalised, digital-first experiences.

Wealth and asset management firms can delight their customers with personalised experiences, while reducing the cost to serve by investing in ongoing innovation.
of customers switched their wealth management provider for an easier, more intuitive experience.

“Customers told us that three out of the top five pain points in their digital experiences all tie back to poor personalisation. Our experts say this all stems from scattered information.”

The Future of Financial Services


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