The IT Leader's Guide to Data Security and Governance

How to enhance your data security and governance using the Salesforce Platform.
Time to read: 15 MIN
COVID-19 threw the spotlight on digital — for both its strengths and shortcomings. On the one hand, CIOs became instant pioneers in digital transformation — critical leaders with visions for moving brick-and-mortar operations online and saving company legacies.
On the other hand, virtual spaces created new territory for cyberattacks, data leaks, company breaches, and internal threats. Phishing attempts rose 600% and cloud-based attacks rose 630%, according to a 2020 report from IBM. The cost of data breaches averages $3.86 million in the United States, let alone the nonmonetary erosion of company buy-in, brand integrity, and trust. Chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) now face exponential pressure to not only keep the lights on but also address monumental demands that could determine the future of their company.
As companies go all-digital, it’s important to stay safe, secure, and compliant. Our goal is to show you how to create trusted digital environments so that your company can feel secure in a work-from-anywhere world. We want everyone within your organisation to understand their important role in security. And we want to equip you with resources that eliminate virtual vulnerabilities.

6 Ways to Get Your Data Security in Top Shape:

1. Build on a Secure and Trusted Platform
2. Encrypt, Monitor, and Retain Critical Data
3. Protect Sensitive Data When Building and Testing Apps
4. Take Control of Your Privacy and Data Management
5. Get Complete Visibility into the Security Posture of Your Environment
6. Secure Your Mobile Apps for Highly Regulated Industries

How can business secure their data in this digital first world? Read the IT Guide to Data Security and Governance to find out.


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