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Tracking pipeline, individual partners and sales activities is infinitely simpler.

nForce secure leadership of Thailand’s security distribution
market with Salesforce

"Selecting Salesforce was easy – all of the companies in my business network recommended them."


  • Bangkok-based leader in security solutions, nForce Security manages a channel of more than 140 partners and 22 vendors.
  • Being a leader in value-add distribution requires an innovative approach to deal management—existing manual, paper-based processes burned days of valuable time and effort!
  • Salesforce was the obvious choice, recommended by several of nForce's vendors, whom each attested to its extreme functionality and flexibility.


  • Sales Cloud: nForce start with 10 enterprise edition licences for Sales, Product and Senior Management.
  • Expert cloud technology partner, CRM and Cloud Consulting (CRM-C) design and customise a solution to meet nForce's complex business requirements – assisting nForce to gain strategic advantage.
  • Chatter: provides an internal social network for the technical team to swap knowledge and get real time answers.


  • Business management benefits are huge - Management has a complete view of all deals, products and technical response rates in one place.
  • Reports are available at a touch. "Tracking pipeline, individual partners and sales activities is infinitely simpler" says Mark Nakrop Niamnamtham.
  • Customer satisfaction is booming as post-sales support is now 3-4 times faster.
  • nForce's vendors are ecstatic that channel sales activity reports are available on-demand instead of quarterly.
  • Mobile access boosts productivity10-fold, as work gets done anywhere, anytime.


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Key Stats

  • Web site: nForce Security
  • Industry: Hi-Tech Software & Service
  • Size: Medium
  • Region: Asia Pacific (APAC)