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Grow your wealth management business by focusing on your clients’ financial needs and building relationships.

With Salesforce, you can easily understand and engage with clients, keep track of everyday tasks, and see a clear picture of your book of business.

  • Create a tasks list for your team to easily manage clients and meetings
  • Unlock a single view to understand what’s important to your clients and the best way you can help them
  • Provide a personalized scheduling experience for clients
  • Automate routine, time-consuming tasks

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Track everyday tasks, grow your client base, and get a complete view of every customer.


Make it easy to manage your clients, meetings, and tasks.

Unite data from disparate systems to gain visibility into customers' financial profiles, relationships, and needs
Bridge line-of-business gaps with intelligent, needs-based referral management
Supercharge your team’s productivity with alerts, intelligent insights, and a streamlined user interface

Give every employee a 360-degree view of every client.

Unlock a single view to understand what’s important to them and the best way you can help them
Manage leads, accounts, and opportunities on one platform

Provide a personalized scheduling experience for clients.

Schedule customer appointments with defined topics, attendees, duration, and location
Provides a self-service interface that can be easily embedded into your website

With Financial Services Cloud, our advisors manage clients’ entire financial lives.”



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