Salesforce & DMEXCO
@home 2020

DMEXCO 2020: What's preventing you from delivering great customer service?

In an era of constant connectivity and almost unlimited options, your customers can switch brands easily - and their feelings about your brand may rest on the last touchpoint they had with you.

In an existential bid, many businesses are now looking to put the customer at the heart of your operations. But why is it so hard to do? Data, established silos within your company, and a brand purpose to deliver the change you seek - all play their part.

In this 12 minute presentation Sophie Crosby, SVP Product Management, Salesforce will discuss...:

  • What makes a great customer experience
  • Why it’s SO difficult to deliver great Customer Experience
  • And suggests how can you prepare for success

This video is part of a series of on-demand sessions presented at the conference DMEXCO @home. Find the complete list of sessions here.


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