Easily manage your subscriptions directly in Salesforce.

Discover new products and add-ons, manage your Salesforce subscriptions, and contact support for account-related questions.
Manage your contracts 24/7.
  • Add licenses or products
  • Change billing or contact details
  • Manage upcoming renewals
View and download invoices.
  • Get invoice details
  • Share and download invoices
  • Pay any available invoices
Add products and licenses to improve ROI.
  • Buy new products
  • Add new licenses


You can manage your account in Salesforce by clicking the Setup gear in the top right corner and selecting Your Account (Lightning Experience), or Log into Your Account. You can also find Your Account in the App Launcher.
Your Account is available for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customers. For a user to be able to access account management, the “Manage Billing” permission has to be enabled in their profile or in a permission set. This permission is enabled by default for system administrators. These permissions can be granted to any user by system administrators.

Use Identity licenses to provide access to the Your Account app for users who don’t need full access to Salesforce. You can assign up to 100 free Identity licenses. Learn how to set up an Identity license for Your Account and assign the Your Account App Admin permission set.

Learn more about access for nonprofits.

Salesforce Essentials Edition customers have the opportunity to use a customised Lightning subscription management tool.

Essentials customers can:

  • Add additional Essentials licenses
  • Add frequently used accompanying products like Data Storage, File Storage, Salesforce Inbox, and Lightning Dialer
  • Update credit card or billing information
  • Request an upgrade to Professional or Enterprise Editions, and an account executive will get in touch
  • Contact Us to open a support case and get help


Your Account is available in Salesforce Classic.

No, Your Account has replaced Salesforce Checkout. Use Your Account to manage your Salesforce account quickly and easily from within your Salesforce org.