Advanced Call Centre Management from Salesforce India

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The help desk is the gateway to your organisation, so assistance needs to be expert and swift. That's why thousands of enterprises and organisations rely on Salesforce CRM — Call Centre software that leverages the cutting edge power of virtual, Cloud Computing Applications.

Simplify with a Single Platform Salesforce India's CRM lets you provide customer assistance whenever, wherever, and however requested with the cloud-based speed, flexibility, and scale that matches the needs of the contemporary Call Centre.

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Adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLA). With's Call Centre applications, you keep your agents informed of the service SLA for every one of your customers — and your managers equipped to analyse and improve compliance.

Better Logistics. Our Call Centre solutions transform your workflow: assign incoming cases to the right person, in the right order. Prepare your team to be ready with an appropriate and timely response. And empower management with the ability to review, refer, and route customer inquiries with Salesforce India's cloud-based Multi-tier Support Queuing feature.

Call Centre Software that Builds your Knowledge Management Expertise in the Cloud.

The power of Salesforce India's servers provides the tools to build a Central Knowledge Repository so that customer-facing and internal service agents have the right solution at hand, always.

Solution Encyclopedia With this help desk application feature you can compile and archive relevant information to help agents resolve cases quickly and accurately and solve internal employee enquiries.

Go Public Call Centre Management solutions give your clientele access to your entire knowledge base - or portions of it - so that your customers can source expert answers before even talking to an agent.

Powerful Search Capabilities Call Centre software from Salesforce India sorts and classifies resolutions that adapt to your organisation's specific requirements, making new agents look like veterans.

Automated Knowledge Base Management Unlike conventional onsite Call Centre solutions, our cloud-based CRM Service supports custom workflow rules by automatically sending alerts and assigning tasks, streamlining the workflow of your enterprise.

Multilingual support Global service teams can assist customers in local languages yet offer consistent support in any market, no matter what the location - because their Call Centre solutions come from one powerfully centralised source: the cloud.

Transform the Customer and Internal Support that your business can offer when you harness the power of the cloud!


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