Service analytics give you complete insight into your customers and total control over your business. Dashboards provide high-level visibility at a glance, and customizable reports let you drill down for details. Chatter will push the metrics that matter most to you, in real time. Creating your own reports and dashboards is a snap; there's no more waiting for overloaded IT resources.


Get control of the service metrics that matter

Dozens of real-time service reports and dashboards help you monitor and act on service metrics. Finally, get much-needed insight into the factors affecting your service performance.

Get real-time reports across social channels

Measure, monitor, and manage customer service across every social channel with real-time reports and customizable dashboards. You get complete visibility into your social customer service metrics.

Create the reports you need, without hassle

Quickly build your own reports with an easy-to-use wizard. Salesforce CRM makes it easy to get the visibility you need without the hassle of complicated analytics tools or the need to pester IT or analysts.

Get real-time visibility, tailored to your business

Add as many real-time dashboards as you need to track your service performance with at-a-glance ease. And do it on your own with an easy point-and-click interface.

Keep tabs on the knowledge your customers need

Better manage your knowledge with metrics specifically designed to ensure you and your customers are getting the right answers right away. Understand what gets used, identify trends, and spot knowledge gaps.