The power of Salesforce is reimagining work on a mobile device.”


ADP reps make every moment a selling moment with Salesforce

When you have almost as many customers as Seattle has residents, the ability to build strong connections with them is critical. For ADP, a leader in human capital management, Salesforce is key to maintaining strong relationships throughout the lifecycle of its 600,000+ customers. “We need to make customer information easily available to employees in different job functions throughout all of our divisions,” says Dan Page, Vice President of Sales Automation. The company started using Salesforce when it wanted to bring together 11 business units so that employees could easily see complete customer views and track every interaction. ADP consolidated all of its customer data in Salesforce, creating cross-divisional records and standardising the way it manages leads, territories, and customer information. More than 400 web and landing pages are connected so new information is continuously imported into Salesforce. More than 10,000 ADP employees in sales, marketing, finance, and operations now regularly access information from Salesforce. Integration with pricing tools and supporting systems lets sales easily configure products, compute prices, and generate quotes. And, it’s easy for everyone to get reports in real time. According to Page, “Salesforce lets all of our employees get the insights they need.” Marketing Cloud also helps the company gain intelligence and maintain connections with customers. ADP monitors and participates in conversations about its brand, and also identifies customer service issues that need to be addressed. “It helps us keep a finger on the pulse of the business,” says Page. With Marketing Cloud, ADP can quickly distribute information to multiple social networks with one consolidated, branded voice. ADP also uses Marketing Cloud to identify sales leads directly from social. ADP listens to key topics across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and engages leads with helpful content. Leads are entered directly into Sales Cloud from social. With Marketing Cloud, ADP sends leads to qualification teams and then sales teams to maximise their pipeline. Social selling helps ADP optimise lead flow, decrease sales team communication volume and save valuable staff time. ADP can also conduct audits for social lead generation from sourcing to qualification to closure, to easily see the full life cycle of a lead right within Salesforce.​

We've been able to leapfrog everybody else in terms of showing up with a world-class sales tool environment.”


Making it mobile first

Recognising the importance of moving quickly in a short, high contact sales environment, ADP built an entire suite of mobile-optimised apps — including digital sales aids, order management, and itinerary planners — in Salesforce App Cloud. Along with the Salesforce Mobile App, reps now can do everything from prospecting, to conducting sales calls, to closing deals from their tablets. They can find the hottest leads and prospects on their tablets — and even sign contracts from the road. “It’s hard to be productive when you’re walking to your car, trying to carry a laptop, brochures, and paper sales orders,” explains Heather Talerico, Director of Sales Solutions. “With Salesforce we transformed our selling process from ‘how can I help you?’ to ‘based on the type of company you are we can see that these are your key business challenges and here’s how we can help you’. Salesforce lets our reps maximise every moment.”

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