Salesforce serves as a central nervous system to build out a sales and marketing digital ecosystem that powers growth.”

Satyaswaroop Pradhan | Vice President, Business Transformation and Automation, Genpact

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Genpact builds a scalable ecosystem, powers digital transformation with Salesforce

Genpact is a global professional services firm with more than 100,000 employees working across 30 countries. The company partners with Fortune 500 enterprises across the globe in their digital transformation journeys. 

“Companies want to change the way they work, and we want to be the partner of choice for reimagining their businesses with digital,” says Deepak Shagrithaya, SVP Growth Operations 

To underpin this critical role as a transformation partner, Genpact has paid great attention to its own digital transformation. Through the optimal use of technology, the company enables its distributed workforce to work as one, and anticipate and meet client needs rapidly. For Genpact, this is an ongoing journey.

“Now, we are transforming the Genpact environment so we can scale effortlessly, as we help our clients achieve transformation at scale ,” explains Vidya Rao, CIO, Genpact.

Searching for an extensible solution

Genpact began its digital transformation as an outcome of a blueprint exercise that laid out its strategic priorities. The company first looked at its sales process. Back then, Genpact’s existing enterprise CRM served more as a data repository, front-ended by multiple Excel sheets used by different business divisions. This led to an inconsistent sales process. 

Management needed an automated solution that would bring all processes onto a single platform, provide real-time insights, and boost efficiency.

“We were looking for a solution that would serve as a central nervous system to build out our digital ecosystem. Salesforce, with its AppExchange, plugins, and partnerships offered the vibrant ecosystem we needed to automate our sales processes end-to-end,” says Satyaswaroop Pradhan, Vice President, Business Transformation and Automation.

Building a data-driven sales and marketing engine with Salesforce

The guiding principles of the transformation were simple. Genpact wanted to provide salespeople with the deep insights they needed;, use digital capabilities to enable key components of different processes;, and create a single system to empower the sales team. This system would automate and simplify daily interactions and operations, so salespeople could function more efficiently.

To meet these objectives, Genpact used design thinking to create a set of integrated end-to-end enablement processes.  Salesforce Sales Cloud forms the backbone of this sales and marketing engine, successfully streamlining lead management. 

The marketing automation platform pushes qualified leads into Sales Cloud, where salespeople have a unified view, and can take action with a single click. The inside sales team also runs its outreach campaigns using Salesforce Campaigns Management, and is able to effectively segment leads, ensure data privacy considerations and monitor campaign performance. 

A sophisticated deal qualification system built on Salesforce scores and prioritises incoming opportunities. Predictive and actionable alerts help prioritisation, and as deals progress, salespeople can assess the probability of winning and get coached on areas of competitive advantage and vulnerability.

As the deal moves through its various stages, teams regularly update customer data and sales conversations in Salesforce. The number of customer conversations captured on the system saw a 50% jump within a year of solution implementation, pointing to widespread adoption. 

With 100% of sales opportunities being captured on Salesforce, teams now have complete visibility into the global sales process, and a unified view of customers and their engagement history. With all this data at their fingertips, they are able to respond faster and more accurately to customer queries.

The data also feeds into dashboards that allow sales leaders to monitor deal progress, and analyse losses, understand trends and build sales forecasts. 

“These real-time insights are useful beyond the sales process,” observes Pradhan. “Knowing what clients are thinking at any point helps us set our strategic direction and informs our strategy.”

As it reaps the benefits of an automated sales function, Genpact has proceeded to transform other processes for greater optimisation.

Building company-wide digital innovation

“Going beyond sales and marketing automation,” explains Shweta Gupta, Assistant Vice President, Salesforce CoE Lead, Genpact. “We are now extending Salesforce usage for digital automation across other areas in HR and finance, and introducing end-to-end resource management, project management, and incentive management.” 

Genpact has leveraged the power of Salesforce Platform to build Pinnacle - a solution that automates project creation, and monitors deal compliance and billing. “With Pinnacle, we are able to improve our resource cost management – so important for a services company,” points out Rao. 

Talent Match, also built on Salesforce Platform, has automated and simplified the hiring journey, from demand creation to fulfilment. It is a resource management tool that provides timely demand estimates and supply visibility, and helps bridge any gaps. 

Also, a variable incentive compensation tool built on Salesforce Platform is used for issuance of target letters, target assignment and faster pay-outs to the sales team. This has helped bring transparency and efficiency to the sales incentives process.


Leveraging Salesforce for client transformation

Genpact has always maintained a deep understanding of the impact technology can have on achieving business objectives, and it uses that knowledge to help its own clients on their transformation journey. Genpact Cora is a proprietary digital business platform built specifically to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation.  Cora integrates Genpact’s 20+ years of operational expertise, best-in-class partner ecosystem, data-driven insights, and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform  operations and generate business impact.  

Some of these digital offerings are built on Salesforce, which allows for seamless integration across infrastructure and client systems. Genpact works with clients to deliver customised solutions powered by the Cora platform, achieving greater business impact in a shorter amount of time, and ultimately improving the end-customer experience. The flexibility of the Cora digital business platform allows Genpact’s clients to gradually move away from legacy technologies and future-proof their processes in an increasingly digitised world.

Salesforce as a partner for long-term growth

With continuous investment in digital transformation, Genpact has seen its Salesforce partnership expand. Salesforce licence usage has grown 3x in the last five years. 

Genpact also has a strong centre of excellence (CoE) that is the backbone of all its Salesforce activities. The CoE enables standardisation, repeatability, and a space for idea sharing on anything related to Salesforce.

Going forward, the team at Genpact will wield its considerable Salesforce expertise to boost collaboration, use data for deeper insights, and create innovative solutions to serve customers better.

“Initially, we were only tapping into the CRM functionality of Salesforce. But we have now started leveraging the power of Salesforce to meet more of our key business objectives across both customer and employee experience. Salesforce as a partner is here to stay,” sums up Rao.


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