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Using Salesforce, we capture insights to engage our customers with content we know they want to read.”

Pankaj Parihar, VP & Head of Digital Marketing


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Godrej Group turns up the volume on customer conversations

Established in India 1897 as a locks business, the Godrej Group today has 1.1 billion customers globally across numerous businesses including consumer goods, real estate, appliances, and agriculture.

The conglomerate continues to evolve with a 2020 vision to grow its revenue 10 times from what it was in 2010 and become one of India’s most trusted brands. It also aspires to create a more inclusive and greener India. For Godrej Group’s Consumer Product Group, achieving the 2020 vision has necessitated a transformational shift in customer engagement.

Supported by Social Studio from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s listening to its customers, analysing conversations, and responding in a whole new way.

“By using Salesforce, we can capture insights to define our digital strategy and engage our customers with content we know they want to read,” said Pankaj Parihar, Vice President and Head of Digital Marketing for Godrej Group’s Consumer Product Group.

Social listening informs tailored communication

Godrej Group uses the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to track what customers are saying and what content they are consuming not just about its own brands or product categories but more generally. This helps it to gain a better understanding of its target demographic groups and define a social and content strategy to connect with them online.

One of these demographic groups are mothers with young children. The company knows it can’t effectively engage these mothers with content solely about hair colour or insecticides, so apart from other offline insights, it uses Salesforce to identify topics they’re engaging with online. Where those topics are relevant to Godrej Group’s products or expertise, there’s an opportunity to connect.


Our brand teams have a much clearer view of what’s happening across their product category and how customers feel about the brand.”

Pankaj Parihar

Real-time insights improve reputation management and response

Godrej Group’s proactive approach to online engagement is a huge leap forward for a company which relied heavily on TV to reach customers in the past. With that approach, it could not get deep enough insight into its online customers’ interests and what was said about its brands.

Social Studio has resolved both challenges. It helps Godrej Group to gather insights for proactive communications while monitoring conversations about its brand in real-time.

“We now know if customers are talking about us on Facebook, Twitter, or blog sites and what they are saying,” said Parihar. “We can quickly escalate issues to the right department and respond within 24 hours or less.”

“In the past, we had no easy way to track these conversations and it could take us a few days to respond,” he said.

Digital transformation yields engagement and growth

The Godrej Group is now using Social Studio across 15 different brands in India and Indonesia and is considering a rollout in Africa as well. It’s experienced double-digit growth in online customer engagement and user session times are increasing. A 20% growth in organic traffic is further proof that the topical content informed by social listening is having the desired effect.

Through its implementation partner, Mirum, the Godrej Group is also using Social Studio to gather insights about new market categories and inform its broader marketing strategy.

“Our collaboration with Mirum and use of Salesforce has been critical to improving our customer insight and crisis management capabilities,” said Parihar.

“Godrej is a truly a global conglomerate and needed a platform that would help them manage their complex requirements," said Mihir Karkare, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Mirum. "Salesforce provided that platform while we’ve partnered with them in a flexible and scalable manner to achieve their key objectives."

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