With Service Cloud, Snapdeal are resolving cases 50% faster. And customer satisfaction is up by 30%.



Faster Case Resolution


increase in customer satisfaction

Snapdeal delivers personalised experiences to its customers and merchants with Salesforce

The e-commerce landscape in India is undergoing a drastic transformation. Online marketplaces are redefining consumer experiences for over 90 million Indian shoppers[1]. The increased adoption of smartphones has also created a huge momentum in India’s e-commerce market. Concurrent with the rise in consumer interactions, Snapdeal is on a mission to deliver the best online experience to its customers. And it’s using Salesforce to get there.

Snapdeal started as a daily deals platform that quickly transformed into one of India’s largest online marketplace. It now caters to millions of users – both buyers and from sellers across the country.

The journey to achieve the full potential required the right platform, which would serve as a springboard for continuous growth. Snapdeal turned to Salesforce Service Cloud, Communities, and Partner Communities to bring efficiencies to both customer and seller experiences.

A company spokesperson said that Snapdeal wanted an internationally acclaimed system that came with comprehensive inbuilt features, catering to our specific needs of efficiency and effectiveness. As the #1 platform for service, Salesforce met all the criteria they were looking for.

Faster and smarter interactions with customers and sellers

With Service Cloud, Snapdeal’s customer service is boosted with the ability to handle concurrent users. With a single view of all interactions, customer care agents find it easier to navigate and integrate with other systems. The results are faster response and resolution of cases, and improved targets for turnaround times and service levels.

Snapdeal confirmed that with Salesforce Service Cloud they are resolving cases 50% faster. And customer satisfaction is up by 30%.

Merchants benefit from the quick sign-up process—it now takes fewer clicks from start to finish. And time spent by the merchant onboarding team on client calls has gone down as well.

Part of the efficiency gain is a marked improvement in data accuracy. Reviewing orders, payments, and case details has become easy with the simple-to-use platform.

Lakhs of merchants have joined the Snapdeal marketplace since its inception. With the Salesforce Communities Platform, Snapdeal has been able to streamline the on-boarding process, and eliminate the need for back-and-forth interactions. Collaboration with logistics and courier partners is also easy with Partner Communities offering seamless support.

Dealing with the customer as an individual

Snapdeal is now deepening its customer engagement. Accessing customer data or performance reports in real-time is effortless with personalised dashboard views. So is generating automatic reports with different tools and plug-ins. And with customer purchasing history and preferences held in one place, Snapdeal resolves issues with a quick turnaround and maintains steady customer satisfaction levels.

Understanding its customers and improving their experience is core to Snapdeal’s value. Snapdeal has said that the easy access to customer data and analytics in Salesforce help them tailor customer experiences to individual clients.

Automated workflows maximise productivity and profitability

Service Cloud has driven enhanced coordination across different teams with significant gains to the business. An accurate assignment of tickets to relevant case owners is enabled throughout the cycle, with tickets that need to be actioned automatically routed to the respective queues and departments.

Agents needing access to how-to articles and Standard Operating Procedures now have the ultimate support tool. With Salesforce Knowledge, relevant information is stored securely and shared when needed.

An AI-first strategy to lead the way

With experiences enhanced for both sellers and shoppers, Snapdeal is looking at ways to achieve efficiency and effectiveness with ease. Stronger customer service with Live Agent’s live chat and self-help portals are on the cards.

The future vision includes using AI powered analytics to glean key insights and automate tasks that now take up considerable manual effort. Customer queries will see quicker responses and case resolution time will be further reduced. Snapdeal also plans to use Einstein Agent chatbots to deliver automatic service to customers and sellers.

Snapdeal recognises that with a customer service experience that’s predictive and automated, case resolution time has been reduced, and agents are empowered to deliver the right answers. It now believes that an AI-first strategy will take customer service to the next level.

With such internal focus on creating superior customer experience and managing efficiencies better through the entire onboarding process for merchants, Snapdeal is set to raise the bar in customer engagement levels. With the continued expansion in eCommerce in India, there isn’t a better time to put customer satisfaction at the heart of every interaction.


  • Snapdeal needed to onboard merchants faster and more efficiently to fully realise its growth potential across the region
  • It needed a single view of the customer, with all relevant historical data accessible through one integrated app


  • Personalised experiences for customers and sellers, with simplified architecture offering integrated dashboard views and real-time help to customers both online and within the app
  • Reports and dashboards, help teams manage turnaround times and meet service levels, driving an increase in productivity and efficiency of agents


  • Agents on Service Cloud create better customer and seller experience
  • 50% improvement in case resolution time maximises productivity and profitability
  • Seamless on-boarding of 300,000+ online sellers
  • Maintaining a steady and a high CSAT index

List of products used by the customer:

Wave Service App  Service Cloud Lightning CRM
LiveAgent Communities
Knowledge DevPro Sandbox
Data Storage Full Copy Sandbox
Partner Community      PremierPlus

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