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We depend on technology too, not just a sales team; Salesforce takes care of everything in the backend, enabling our sales team to bring the human touch to conversations.”

Sneha Priya | Co-founder and CEO, SP Robotic Works

SP Robotic Works codes a digital, customer-first experience with Salesforce

SP Robotic Works’ digital-first culture keeps teams lean and agile, and delivers smooth and connected customer experiences.

In her free time, eight-year-old Anya builds burglar alarms from scratch, codes robots to dance, and sets up automated lighting systems at home. Anya isn’t just another eight-year-old; she’s an eight-year-old in 2022, with access to technology to build more technology. Thanks to learning platforms like SP Robotic Works, children today get to be makers – and not just consumers – of technology.

Established in 2012, SP Robotic Works is an AI-based learning platform for children, focusing on coding and robotics engineering. The company has a blended learning model with both an online offering and 75 digital centres all over India.

“The learning is entirely facilitated by ‘Sparky’, our AI-led platform,” explains Sneha Priya, CEO & Co-Founder, SP Robotic Works. “Children learn via the platform and use hardware kits for a hands-on experience that makes learning fun and more understandable. Even at the centres, the learning is AI-led which has helped us build a community of innovators.”

Configuring a culture focused on customer experience

While SP Robotics had an innovative product to offer, the company also wanted to ensure that customers’ experience while interacting with the product was equally delightful.

The company currently operates through a hybrid model of online and offline engagements. But SP Robotics’ existing CRM system could not integrate both their offline and online business models.

“To provide a 5-star quality customer experience, we were looking for a solution that could help us provide consistent service across both,” says Pranavan, Co-Founder of SP Robotic Works.

Pranavan also wanted a solution that could enable its lean sales team to scale rapidly. While the sales team made over 120 calls a day, the efficiency rate was around 20%, which meant that conversions were below average. Lack of visibility into lead management also meant that leads were either over-contacted or dropped too quickly.

With Salesforce, Pranavan and the team found a single, unified platform to integrate all their customer data and sales and service activities. “The platform’s flexibility also allowed for extensive customisation as per our requirement,” says Pranavan.

Programming processes to build lean teams that drive customer delight

SP Robotic Works today uses Salesforce to consolidate data from online and offline channels, streamline sales pipelines, and obtain a single view of its customers.

The company has successfully broken-down multiple customer touchpoints into tasks and workflows that help the sales team move customers through any stage of the funnel. “With this level of automation, all the salesperson has to do is log into Salesforce and follow the 100-150 tasks laid out for the day to drive conversions,” says Pranavan.

This has helped the lean team of 50 sales agents efficiently handle over 10,000 queries a month.

Sophisticated algorithms deployed on the platform equip salespeople with meaningful insights into lead quality. “The sales team has detailed information on every lead, ranging from when they can make contact, and which lead is open to re-marketing efforts, to when the lead should be removed from the funnel,” explains Pranavan.

These insights have increased the sales team's efficiency and conversion rates by 200%.

Also, with granular data available on each lead, sales agents can tailor conversations and help customers with their queries more effectively, rather than just recite a scripted sales pitch.

Priya explains, “We depend on technology too, not just a sales team; Salesforce takes care of everything in the backend, enabling our sales team to bring the human touch to conversations.”

SP Robotic Works also uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud to effectively engage with customers across channels. “Carefully crafted user journeys nurture our prospects and customers, seamlessly moving them from one stage to the other,” details Priya, “This allows us to be resource-light, and reduce dependency on additional sales resources.”

With all marketing data on one platform, the team has insights into which channel drives more leads, enabling data-driven decisions on advertising investments. “Thanks to detailed reports, we no longer have to use the ‘spray and pray’ approach; our data leads us, and we have seen a resulting spike in our sales numbers,” says Pranavan.

Engineering success with a 360-degree view of customer data

With access to vast volumes of customer data, every team in the company, from sales and facilitators to service agents, has a 360-degree view of the customer, allowing them to keep satisfaction levels high. Full visibility into customer data has helped personalise every engagement, leading to a CSAT score of 4.7.

Also, rich reports and dashboards allow the leadership team to understand any deviations or spikes in performance, and to make real-time decisions.

The company credits its smooth experience with the solution to the Salesforce Customer Success Group. “The success team helped us tailor and set up the solution in line with our requirements. They also went out of their way to ensure all teams were trained on how to use the platform well to make the most of it. The continuous, dedicated support was truly laudable,” says Priya.

Turning a million children into innovators

Continuing their efforts to scale with agility, SP Robotic Works wants to use Salesforce to drive more automation and equip their sales team with the right tools to drive even more efficiency.

As for the company’s future, Priya aims to focus on rapidly growing both their offline and online models, with an immediate target of enrolling one million students within a year.

“We’re growing by 200% month-on-month, which makes us very confident about achieving our targets and expanding our products to international markets,” she concludes.


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