We needed a customer platform that was powerful and scalable. The only choice was Salesforce.”


The beauty of empowerment

In many ways, Jo Mousselli’s entire life led up to the success of Xtreme Lashes, the global business the former teacher and pediatric ICU nurse co-founded with her family. The fast-growing company’s supportive culture can be easily traced back to the vision of its magnetic CEO.

“I’ve always loved beauty and fashion,” said Jo Mousselli. “I believe that when a woman feels beautiful, she feels more confident. And I aspired to start a company that helped empower women personally and professionally.” After graduating magna cum laude from Texas Woman’s University, Mousselli embarked on a career as a pediatric ICU nurse that lasted more than 10 years. Working side by side with health professionals, most of whom were women, inspired her to develop high-performance, long-lasting beauty products.

“I embarked on a journey to satisfy the modern woman’s desire to look and feel beautiful as she juggles a busy career, family, and social life,” explained Mousselli. Combining her medical background with her passion for beauty products, Jo Mousselli perfected a system of semipermanent eyelash extensions. The result: An innovative, hygienic approach that gives women a natural, virtually undetectable alternative to mascara and traditional false lashes.

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® does more than just provide a way for women to feel more confident physically. Mousselli’s vision also includes helping beauty professionals gain more confidence about their futures, training them to be both Xtreme Lashes Certified Stylists and financially strong entrepreneurs. “It’s their own business,” said Mousselli. “We give lash stylists our customised recipe for success — the products, training, and management expertise. It’s professional and financial self-reliance, so certification is very empowering.”


With Salesforce, we can see what promotions worked best, and why. Being able to analyse everything from one database is so powerful.”


Time for a makeover

Founded in 2005, Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli started in the Mousselli home with just her family working alongside her. In a mere nine months, the business moved from their home’s game room to a commercial space. That upward trajectory hasn’t wavered in the company’s 10-year history.

As of 2015, Xtreme Lashes has trained over 32,000 lash stylists around the world. As beautiful as growth can be, it also presents challenges. Xtreme Lashes quickly outgrew its self-built IT fulfillment system, and each area of the business ran on different apps connected to different databases. The hodgepodge system was hardly in alignment with Mousselli’s methodical philosophy on business and expansion. “You need a systematic approach. If you’re going to grow, you need a great, flexible platform that’s ready to scale. We didn’t have that and that was starting to prove to be more and more challenging for us.”

So they began to look for a new technology partner that could scale and support all parts of the business. “We needed a single cloud-based platform that could store all our data, run apps for every department, and deliver value to our clients,” said Ali Moshfeghian, COO. “After a long, very detailed search, we found Salesforce provided all that, and more.”

Stunningly flexible

As the hub of all the company’s IT initiatives, Salesforce touches 90% of the business. “It’s so flexible,” said Mousselli. “We love the ability to have one integrated system that we can use to manage so many parts of the business.”

Xtreme Lashes uses Sales Cloud to capture records from its stylists, including their purchase orders, training courses, and profiles. “Every department has access to the same data,” said Mousselli. “It’s really wonderful to be able to do that. We can take great care of our clients no matter how big we get. Salesforce is like a living, breathing, evolving organism, just like we are.”

The company also uses Sales Cloud’s analytics and reporting features to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the future. “We put a lot of emphasis on data, and take a scientific approach to customer service and quality control,” said Mousselli. “With Sales Cloud, we can see what promotions worked best, and why. What I love even more is the ability to see which courses and products lead to the best results for our stylists. On that roadmap to success, being able to analyse everything from one database is so valuable. We were able to do analysis before, but not nearly as well.”

The ultimate accessories

Wanting to continue to keep all aspects of its business on Salesforce, Xtreme Lashes also uses several Salesforce native apps from the AppExchange.

“Some say you can’t do inventory or financials on a CRM,” Moshfeghian said. “But you can get so much additional functionality from the AppExchange. We use Ascent as our ERP, FinancialForce Accounting, and FinancialForce Billing. And what’s incredible is that we implemented our entire back end on Salesforce in only three months. Typically that takes six months to a year.”

Beyond the AppExchange, Xtreme Lashes has also used Salesforce App Cloud to build custom apps, like the Lash Calculator app that helps stylists configure the best lash extension length, thickness, and curvature.

“Our Java developers built the Lash Calculator app on the Salesforce platform in only a couple of weeks,” said Moshfeghian. Once the app was complete, they were able to make it instantly available to lash stylists on the Xtreme Lashes Community Page, which the company built with Community Cloud. “Start to finish, it’s a great example of how Salesforce enabled us to easily create ways to help our stylists and their customers.”

Xtreme Lashes relies on Service Cloud Lightning to keep its clients at the center of the business and ensure its stylists have the tools they need to succeed. “Our stylists depend on us for their livelihood,” said Moshfeghian. “Now with Service Cloud Lightning, when they call with a product issue, we can see who sold it, who shipped it, and who did quality control.” With the entire lifecycle of every product sold at its fingertips, Xtreme Lashes has been able to give its clients a level of support that wasn’t possible with its previous systems.

Mousselli is proud of her company’s innovative, premium-quality beauty products. But more importantly, she feels she’s accomplishing her goal of helping beauty professionals and women have better lives. “We were founded to empower and enrich lives through beauty — the lives of the beauty professionals who provide the service, and the lives of the women who receive the service. And we can do that so much better, and faster, with Salesforce.”


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