Salesforce gives us the data we need to offer customers meaningful products at multiple life stages.”

Xavier Augustin, Founder and CEO

Powered by Salesforce, Y-Axis helps thousands realise migration and career ambitions

Having secured its reputation as one of the world’s largest immigration advisory firms, Y-Axis now offers customers much more than visa services. It provides a pathway to new learning and career opportunities for individuals and families. And it continues to engage customers in new ways with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform powering growth and innovation.

The Hyderabad-based company initially turned to Salesforce to give it more insight across its rapidly growing business. “We were starting to expand into new cities and needed a better way to manage our sales and contacts. The solution needed to be highly secure and include proper workflow. Salesforce offered all of that and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made,” said Xavier Augustin, Founder and CEO of Y-Axis.

Today, Y-Axis is using business insights and workflows in Salesforce to service customers smarter and launch into new markets. It’s also broadening its offering to support customers at multiple key stages of their life and career.

Most importantly, Y-Axis has a connected view of its customers across all services and apps. It can anticipate their needs and scale its business to support them.

Transparency helps customers navigate complexities of migration

Applying for a visa can be a lengthy and complex process. There are numerous documents to be completed and verified and decisions being made thousands of miles away can take weeks, months or even years. Y-Axis makes the process as easy as possible with a seamless workflow built on Heroku and managed in Salesforce.

Y-Axis initially screens applications and ensures all the right documentation is gathered from the start. Once the application is submitted, Y-Axis keeps customers engaged with regular updates sent via Salesforce and SMS Magic – one of many apps it uses from the App Exchange.

If the visa is approved, Y-Axis supports the customer to make that next leap – whether it’s travel, education or a new career.

Setting a new standard for migration services

“Salesforce gives us the data we need to offer our customers meaningful products at different life stages. They may come to us as a student and want to go overseas for university. They then want to migrate permanently and need help to build a resume, find a job and obtain a new visa,” said Augustin.

“We’re meeting all of those needs and now expanding our services to include coaching and education.”

It’s a visionary path for a migration firm but with deep customer insights, Y-Axis is able to connect customers with tailored education and career opportunities. Its customer data is verified too giving universities and employers information they can trust.

Y-Axis services are more intuitive and scalable than ever before with customer data flowing from the initial visa application through to automated resumes and recruitment databases. Education is also targeted with individuals invited to attend online courses that will help them meet migration criteria and progress their career.

It’s Y-Axis’ ability to anticipate customer needs and provide personalised services at significant life stages that has seen sales grow nearly 10x over the last 8 years.

An important next step for the firm is to integrate its call centre with Salesforce and take its services mobile. It plans to use Salesforce Connect to allow customers to search its entire database for global opportunities – all from the palm of their hand.

Such innovations will help Y-Axis grow faster and add to its already impressive competitive advantage.


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