Success Plans and Professional Services Pricing

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Success Plans and Professional Services Pricing FAQ

Professional Services helps customers go live with their implementation, reach their goals, and continuously innovate to maximise their value from Salesforce. Success Plans helps customers get the right level of support, guidance, and expertise for their business. Many of our customers work with Professional Services on a project while they have a Success Plan in place.
The majority of our products have an aligned Success Plan, and we continue to clarify and simplify our plan structure across clouds. It’s best practice to ensure that all of your Salesforce products are covered by the relevant Success Plan. Want to check if your products are covered by a Success Plan? You’ll find the full list here.
Yes, only Premier Success Plan customers qualify for the upgrade to the Signature Success Plan. A Standard Success Plan customer must upgrade to Premier at the same time or before upgrading to Signature.
See link here for a full list of included and excluded products.
All of our Success Plans provide case and incident support. The only difference is the hours of operation and target response times.
First, align with the active partner. From there, partners are dependant on Salesforce for proprietary teams, systems, and data supporting Salesforce infrastructure and customer health.

Our consulting partners and Salesforce Professional Services help customers get faster time to value on Salesforce. Together, we demonstrate our shared commitment to our customers' success. The benefits of working together include:

  • Collective accountability to accelerate customer outcomes and value realisation
  • Optimal alignment on Salesforce industry, functional, and integration best practices
  • Timely, precise guidance for decisions informed by our complementary expertise
  • Proactive engagement during key change and adoption moments to accelerate time to value
  • Access to Salesforce product teams and roadmaps to drive long-term scale and flexibility
This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.

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