Help Desk Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing Systems are Critical to Customer Service

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so give them the support they need. One key component of providing excellent support when customer service issues are coming in is having a helpdesk ticketing system. These internal ticketing system is the primary connection between the customer and your service representatives when a customer or prospective client has a questions, issue or problem.

A great help desk system has a ticketing feature that manages the process at every step from automatically prioritising the incoming ticket to allowing multiple reps to easily track and update tickets from all types of devices. This ticketing solution is key to ensuring your customer is getting the service they expect.  Here’s three key features that an internal ticketing system should have.

Business Automation

Set custom rules and workflows

Automate processes to help your team speed through repetitive tasks and frequently asked questions so they can focus on complex ones.

Case Management

Route cases so they don't fall through the cracks

Assign every inquiry to the right person and keep everyone organised with intelligent tools that help you respond and resolve problems in record time.

Knowledge Base

Let employees help themselves

Keep consistent, correct answers accessible at your agents' and employees fingertips – even from their mobile phones.

It only takes a few hours to get started, and productivity tools let you automate processes and close cases faster. It's easy to create FAQs and share your knowledge base so employees can find their own answers.

Don't depend on shared inboxes or distribution lists when employees need assistance. Customer service systems should allow businesses of every size easily manage their internal helpdesk tickets.

With an easy growth path, Salesforce is the only company that provides a clear path for customers to scale support with business growth. From small businesses to large enterprises, Salesforce meets any customer service need, from simple to complex and everything in between.

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