Chapter 2: Boost Agent Productivity


Chapter 2: Boost Agent Productivity

Agent productivity has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction levels. An agent who understands customers’ issues from the word go, offers contextualised support, and resolves issues faster is sure to make customers happy. Such customer service can generate repeat business for the company given how valued the customer feels.

But agents often face these common challenges that hamper their productivity:

  • Click fatigue: Agents are tired of endless navigation with too many clicks for accessing records, fields, and buttons to solve a customer issue.
  • Manual copy-pasting: Agents repeatedly copy-paste internal notes, email signatures, and messaging content that they use often. They also end up keying in the same information such as a customer’s name and case number every time they need to retrieve related data.
  • Repetitive tasks: Agents perform repetitive chores daily, such as field updates and email responses, which leaves them with no time to focus on how service can strengthen business goals.

Having the right tools can help agents save time and resolve cases faster and more efficiently.

Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to automate such repetitive processes and provide all critical customer information at the agents’ fingertips. This amplifies agent and team output and enhances the customer experience.

Service Cloud Lightning Console is a solution that every agent can bank upon while working in a fast-paced customer support centre environment. It offers a unified dashboard view, so agents can access information such as customer profiles or customer support incidents, get in touch with subject matter experts, or find relevant knowledge articles instantly – all on the same screen.

  • The console helps agents to manage multiple records on a single screen and reduce the time spent clicking and scrolling so they can quickly find, update, and create records.
  • Agents can also access and edit cases, accounts, and contacts without switching back and forth among screens, allowing them to answer customer questions in record time.

Service Cloud Console Views

Here’s how the Service Cloud Console and its features help agents save time and perform tasks super-fast.

One of the biggest advantages of using a Service Cloud Console is the different types of views that it offers – standard, console, and split.

Standard view: Makes it easy to access a single case record at a time. This view is useful when agents need to navigate to a particular record page directly without having to go through multiple tabs or records.

Console view: Recommended for fast-paced environments, this view allows agents to open multiple records at the same time. It enables agents to multitask by allowing them to easily switch between multiple case tabs.

Split view: It is featured within the console view and shows case records in a list format. With this view, agents can quickly access multiple cases from the list and perform bulk actions, without having to navigate back to the home cases tab each time to open multiple records. They can select the number of cases and perform mass actions like sending email notifications, update several records at a time, or close cases.

Click here to know how Salesforce Service Cloud Console and its features help agents focus on the right information and close cases faster.

Service Cloud Console Features

Here are the top service console features that can simplify your agents’ life and elevate their performance and team output:

Quick Text

Use the Quick Text feature to insert predefined messages – such as greetings, short notes, social posts, and answers to common questions – in emails, chats, tasks, knowledge articles, etc. This way, they can create and share standardised messages without the need for repeated copy-pasting or retyping.

Click here to learn how you can set up and use Quick Text.


Run Macros – a set of instructions that tell the system how to complete a task – using the utility bar on the Service Cloud Console. Macros can be run for repetitive tasks such as updating the case status or sending an email to a customer. With the Macros feature, agents can get a predefined set of instructions executed on an open record with a single click.
Watch this interesting video to know more about setting up Macros or click here to get a step-by-step guide to creating a Macro using the Service Cloud Console app.

Quick Actions

Create a Quick Action for the most important tasks that agents need to execute immediately. This feature of the Service Cloud Console helps in creating instant tasks, including logging a call, creating, or updating records, sending emails, and addressing queries about the records that agents are working with.

The Quick Action feature also allows predefined values to be set for each action. For instance, if an agent creates an action called ‘Close Case’, they can predefine the Status field value for this action as ‘Closed’. So, when the Close Case action is clicked for any record, the status for it is automatically set as ‘closed’.

Then there is the option to pull off Mass Quick Actions, where agents can select up to 100 records in a list view and perform mass updates in one go. 

To read more on Creating Quick Actions, click here.

Email Templates and Notifications

For prompt customer communication, agents can use predefined emails (email templates) in Service Cloud. They can use these email templates as-is or customise them before sending.

Email templates can also be inserted in:

  • Macros that include instructions for email actions

  • Quick Actions as a predefined value for the email action

Email notifications for agents can be customised as well. This feature can be set for agents to receive a notification when the case owner changes and when case comments are added. The same feature can also be used to notify customers with an email when a case is created, updated, or comments are added. The feature automates the entire process of keeping agents and customers informed on critical case developments.

For detailed information on more Service Cloud Console features that boost agent productivity, click here.

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