Chapter 5: Leverage AI to Improve Customer Service


Chapter 5: Leverage AI to Improve Customer Service

Salesforce Service Cloud comes with an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine – Service Cloud Einstein - integrated into all your service channels. Service Cloud Einstein becomes an agent’s smart assistant to deliver intelligent, fast service, no matter how high the case volume. Einstein offers a unique suite of tools that help agents throughout the case life cycle – from case creation and routing to resolution. 

Einstein can:

  • Automatically review, classify, and route cases to appropriate service agents.
  • Guide agents with real-time, next-step recommendations based on customer interactions.
  • Offer automatic replies to routine customer questions.
  • Summarise the case for agents, team leaders, or service admins to review.

Features of Einstein for Service

Some key functionalities of Einstein for Service that can boost agent productivity include:

  1. Einstein Bots: Bots can handle simpler, routine requests to free up agents’ time for more complex cases. Bots can be customised to handle different situations, adopt a voice suited to your company, and monitored to continually improve them.

    Watch this webinar to set up and train an interactive customer service bot with Salesforce Einstein.

  2. Einstein Classification Apps: These apps help agents resolve cases quickly, accurately, and consistently. When a case comes in, Einstein Case Classification recommends, selects, and saves field values based on case data from the past. When an agent completes a case, Einstein Case Wrap-Up predicts the final field values based on closed cases and chat transcripts. This helps save a ton of agent time.

  3. Einstein Article Recommendations: This feature saves agent time in looking for articles from long lists. Einstein Article Recommendation helps agents resolve cases quickly by recommending the most relevant knowledge articles based on similar cases in the past. The recommendations appear in the Knowledge component of the Lightning Service Console, right where agents can find them.

  4. Einstein Reply Recommendations: This feature helps agents quickly send messages in a standardised manner. This is particularly helpful when agents are handling multiple chats simultaneously. Agents don’t have to compose or look for message scripts every time, as the recommendations appear right in the Einstein Replies component of the Lightning Service Console. These recommendations are based on your company’s closed chat transcripts that have been reviewed and published earlier.

Benefits of Einstein for Service

Apart from boosting agent productivity, improving customer experience, and increasing customer satisfaction scores, using Einstein for Service offers other benefits:

  • With its incredible processing power, Einstein can scan through an entire database in a matter of seconds to find the most accurate responses to customer queries.
  • It is super easy to use! No need to code, create algorithms, compile mountains of data, or build apps to make it work. Agents can put the AI suite of tools to use with simple point-and-click gestures.
  • Machine learning enables the Einstein tool to become smarter with time. Its predictions and recommendations become more accurate over a period, and with increased exposure to customer data.

Building an Einstein Rollout Strategy

For the optimised implementation of Service Cloud Einstein features, a phased rollout strategy can be adopted. Start with the low-complexity problems that can be solved with simple automation and faster turnaround while leading to considerable increase in agent performance and output. While the incremental benefits can follow as the other features are rolled out, start by identifying the tasks that agents struggle with regularly and analyse the areas that could use some support.

You can create a questionnaire to elicit feedback from your agents on areas that need improvement. This will help decision makers identify the top support centre challenges and use the relevant Service Cloud Einstein features to address them.

For instance, if your agents are losing time in typing or copy-pasting responses for repeated queries on chat from different customers, they can use the Einstein Reply Recommendations feature. The feature allows agents to select from a list of recommended responses and edit the responses if required, thereby bringing down customer waiting time and making agents’ lives simpler.

Click here to learn how to create your Einstein Rollout Strategy. And for a complete list of Service Cloud Einstein capabilities, go here.


With extensive tools and features, Service Cloud transforms your customer interactions by bringing all their information on a single, unified platform. This 360-degree customer view empowers agents to offer excellent assistance at every single step. 

For organisations to succeed with Service Cloud, Salesforce offers strategic consultations, training, community support, and more. Click here to get started and access more resources for Service Cloud.

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