Chapter 3: Streamline Omnichannel Engagements


Chapter 3: Streamline Omnichannel Engagements

Today, customer journeys are omnichannel, involving interactions across multiple touchpoints – both online and offline. A customer may browse a product on a company’s website, compare it with similar products on an e-commerce mobile app, check out a demo in a physical store, and finally purchase it via the company’s social media handle. Having an omnichannel service solution is critical to ensuring a seamless customer experience and smooth handoff among agents servicing the customer on online and offline channels.

Service Cloud offers agents a 360-degree customer view, capturing every interaction a customer has with the company across channels and consolidating them on a single platform for a single customer view. It enables agents to offer seamless support to customers across any channel the customer uses – email, web, phone, social media, live chats, messaging apps, video chat, or self-service portals.

Here are some Service Cloud features that agents can use to offer their service wherever the customer is:

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