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“Our Premier+ Success admin specialist, Vinay Pai, went above and beyond to stay on top of our case. I’ve worked with other software companies and no one provides the kind of follow-up service Vinay did for us.”

–Cathy Leeke, Director of E-Commerce and Technology, The John Maxwell Company


Customer Profile: The John Maxwell Company

The John Maxwell Company inspires individuals, teams, and organisations all over the world to reach the full potential of their leadership abilities. Through training, events, and consulting engagements, as well as John Maxwell’s 70-plus books, the company reaches millions of people with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed as leaders.

Premier+ Success enabled The John Maxwell Company to quickly come up to speed on Salesforce through online training, avoiding the travel time and expense of classroom training. In addition, Premier+ Success helped the company with administrative services in areas where its internal technical team required outside assistance, such as creating custom reports.

In one example, the director of e-commerce and technology needed to quickly create a report populated with data such as sales figures, commissions, and gross margins. She created a case through the Premier+ Success help and training portal, and after explaining her urgent need, got assigned a specialist who helped create the report that same day.

“Premier+ Success Administrative Services was incredibly responsive, very knowledgeable, and great about understanding our need. It was like having another teammate as dedicated to our success as we are,” says Cathy Leeke, Director of E-Commerce and Technology at The John Maxwell Company.


  • Maximise productivity of lean sales team through the use of CRM technology
  • Leverage advanced features of Salesforce without adding staff or acquiring expensive technical training
  • Gain insights to improve efficiency and responsiveness in serving customers


  • Premier+ Success provides The John Maxwell Company with online training, customer support, and administrative services to boost sales productivity, and maximise the value of the company’s investment in Salesforce.


  • Moved two key reports into Salesforce giving Sales better data faster and allowed company to make decisions more quickly
  • Improved capacity of Sales team to do other things
  • Helped Sales team to quickly become productive with Salesforce

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Countries: Global
Industry: Leadership Development
Solution: Premier+ Success