How SMEs can tackle the Data Problem
On-Demand Webinar

Data is everywhere and has gone from scarce to superabundant in a short period of time. That brings huge new benefits for businesses but also big headaches. Different spreadsheets and systems that don’t talk to each other, out-of-date datasets, and lack of visibility are some of the challenges SMBs face.

In your growing organisation, how can you best leverage your data to know what is going on in your business and drive success?

Watch the first episode of our new series Salesforce Solves, as we talk to special guest Ian Jennings, CEO of BlueFort Security on how he overcame the data silo problem and achieved a single source of truth to deliver a more efficient and integrated service to his customers.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the lack of control over data is hurting your bottom line,
  • How fragmented data and operating in silos is negatively impacting your productivity,
  • Key tips and strategies to overcome these challenges.



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