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Social CRM adds a hugely powerful new element to your CRM strategy and business processes.

But what is Social CRM and what can it do for you?

We've put together a simple, interactive Mind Map to help people like you get to grips with this important new discipline. Dive in, drill down and explore the Mind Map – and if you like it, please share it with your friends & followers. It's the social thing to do!

Social CRM

is about engaging the
customer in a collaborative
conversation in order to provide a
mutually beneficial value
in a trusted and transparent
business environment.
Paul Greenberg

  • A strategy

    Reflecting your customers' and
    prospects' social media behaviours
    in your engagement.
  • A technology

    • Adding social activity to CRM data to create 360˚ social profiles
    • A social monitoring and engagement platform that links with CRM
    • A social-powered customer service platform with case management
  • A set of processes

    • Listening
    • Engaging
    • Measuring
    • Integrating - social data with CRM profiles Sharing social insight with all teams
  • Because your customers are talking about you

  • And if they like it, they'll share with their friends

  • And you can engage with them in new ways

  • And you can learn a lot about them

  • And they expect you to be listening


of marketers
use social media for
marketing purposes.

Source: Social Media
Examiner, April 2012

Only 15% of
social media users have
been contacted by a company
after posting a negative

Source: InSits, 2011

  • Marketers

    • To listen to customers
    • To share content
    • To build community
    • To multiply message impact
  • Salespeople

    • To know prospects better
    • To research opportunities
    • To reach out
    • To respond
    • To add a powerful dimension to CRM profiles
  • Customer Service

    • To hear what customers think
    • To respond appropriately
    • To track sentiment
    • To drive down support costs
  • HR

    • To find talent and track interactions
    • To promote your company as an employer
    • To reach Digital Natives
  • Innovators

    • To spot new ideas and reach out to disrupters
  • Listen

    • Monitor social channels for relevant conversations.
  • Engage

    • Participate when it makes sense.
    • With the single view of the customer in your CRM
  • Integrate

    • Add transaction history, preferences, profiles, histories...
  • Measure

    • Track social activity over time to stay on track.
  • More effective campaigns

  • More efficient sales teams

  • Happier customers

  • Lower costs

sites now reach
82%of the world's
online population.

Source: Com- Score,
December 2011

  • Pick the right channels

    • Where your customers are.
  • Start listening

    • Follow, join communities, etc.
  • Develop an engagement plan

    • Who will engage?
    • What policies will they follow?
  • Get the right tools to help

    • Social CRM
    • Social Customer service desk
    • Social monitoring software


of corporations
are able to link increased
revenue to social
media activity.

Source: Useful Social,
July 2012


1 in every 5

minutes spent online
are spent on social
networking sites.

Source: ComScore


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