Sales and service experts share how these two teams can work together to deliver great customer experiences and build brand loyalty


The global pandemic has changed the sales landscape forever. Sales teams that were used to meeting face-to-face have had to rapidly switch to virtual selling. Consumers started engaging with businesses online in record numbers, with some shopping online for the first time. 

Alongside this shift in buying habits, customers’ ideas about how organisations should behave have changed. More than ever, they expect the businesses they deal with to have values that extend beyond the traditional pursuit of profit. Eighty-nine percent of customers expect companies to clearly state their values, and 90% expect them to clearly demonstrate those values.

Customer experience is also more important than ever. Eighty percent of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its product or services.

The role of customer service teams is evolving to help meet these growing expectations. Service has changed from a ‘repair and recovery’ function to become a trusted advisor and custodian of customer care. 

The influence of service departments on the sales process is growing, too. By sharing data between departments, service teams can contribute to better sales experiences and improve sales performance. Read the infographic to find out how.