Data — Your Business’ Most Valuable Asset


You work to build your business with the right data. Can you afford not to protect it?


No business is safe without data security

As companies go all-digital, it’s important to stay safe. Protect your business or you risk losing more than just data.

  • USD $4.24M: the  global average cost of data breaches*
  • More than 80% of businesses across APAC suffered cyber attacks in 2020**


Why is data security growing in urgency?

Virtual spaces are new territory for cyber attacks, data leaks, and company breaches. Let’s explore why time is of the essence when it comes to securing your business data.



Compromised credentials* is the most common cyber attack, responsible for 20% of breaches, at an average breach cost of USD $4.37 million



Start with identity. One of the quickest ways to protect your business data is to ensure you have the right protections for employee login credentials.



Ninety-eight percent of organisations feel vulnerable to insider attacks***



Protect data with event monitoring. Event monitoring gives you real-time visibility into security events across your Salesforce environment.


Can you afford not to protect your business data?

On one hand, the speed of data breaches are growing every year, and on the other, regulations requirements are also not easy to keep up with.


Keep up with evolving compliance regulations

There are a few ways you can keep your data safe and ensure you are compliant.

  1. Comply with privacy requirements when managing customer data
  2. Change compliance policy at scale based on your customers’ preferences
  3. Safeguard customer data by safely storing sensitive data


Protect your critical information

Every Salesforce element takes security into consideration from the get-go.

  • Shield: Find, encrypt, monitor, and retain sensitive data
  • Data Mask: Anonymise data while testing
  • Security Centre: View, analyse, and manage your security metrics


Secure your success

Business data is vital to you and your customers. In fact, every bit and byte of your business data is worth protecting.


Our pledge to your success

Salesforce helps safeguard customer data by enabling your business to:

  • Build secure experiences
  • Manage identity and access
  • Keep up with privacy and compliance regulations
  • Update compliance policy at scale


All on a trusted infrastructure that runs millions of apps, and billions of encryptions.


Let’s talk security

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* IBM Cost of Data Breach Report 2021

** Trend Micro’s Cyber Risk Index 2020

*** Cybersecurity Insiders, Gurucul, Insider Threat Report 2021