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Indonesia entity and Hyperforce launch to help local companies unlock digital opportunities

Hyperforce is connecting Indonesian companies with new growth opportunities in ASEAN’s largest digital economy.

Indonesia is the largest digital economy in ASEAN, and is emerging as a digital leader on the global stage. Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance estimates technological adoption will grow the economy by as much as $2.8 trillion by 2040, with an eightfold increase in the size of the digital economy over the next 10 years.

Many Indonesian businesses will require support to capture this opportunity and unlock the benefits of digitisation. That’s why Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), is proud to announce that we are deepening our commitment to Indonesia with the launch of our Indonesian entity, the general availability of Hyperforce, and a new partnership to address the digital skills imperative in the region.

The new Indonesian entity will bring Salesforce’s team and decision-making closer to our customers and partners in the market and enable Salesforce to tap into the local talent pool. The efforts aim to create greater impact and support growth of businesses in Indonesia.

“We’re launching our new entity at a very exciting time for Indonesia and the broader region in ASEAN,” said Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Salesforce ASEAN. “Embracing digitisation unlocks the potential for Indonesian companies to cultivate stronger customer connections and establish an adaptable workforce. Salesforce also benefits the ecosystem, such as the budding entrepreneurial developer community in Indonesia who can build on, extend and monetise from the Salesforce platform.”

Bringing the power of secured Public Cloud to Indonesia

The evolving global landscape presents new challenges in terms of innovation, trust and safety. This requires businesses to enhance the way they scale operations globally, while ensuring they meet local data security and privacy requirements.

Hyperforce reimagines Salesforce’s platform architecture for the public cloud, placing greater emphasis on rapidly and reliably delivering Salesforce applications to global locations.

Indonesian companies can now use Hyperforce to quickly and securely deploy the majority of the Salesforce Customer 360 products – including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Platform, and Industry Clouds such as Financial Services Cloud – by leveraging the scale and agility of public cloud computing.

Hyperforce will empower more Indonesian businesses to capitalise on the value of Salesforce while streamlining adherence to local data residency regulations – an imperative for regional and global organisations in regulated industries such as financial services, telcos, government-linked businesses and more.

“As the world shifts and reshapes, the pillar of trust stands firm. At Salesforce, we champion the security and privacy of your data,” says Matthew Parin, Product Director of Hyperforce. “Hyperforce’s path-breaking innovation embodies this value – providing customers across dozens of countries a world-class, scalable foundation for the Salesforce platform with security, privacy, data residency, and agility across clouds.”

Accelerating Indonesian innovation with Hyperforce

To thrive in the digital economy, Indonesian businesses need to develop and deploy innovative solutions at speed and scale. “The local launch of Hyperforce allows Indonesian organisations to harness the scalability of the public cloud to facilitate growth and the pursuit of innovation.” said Abraham.

With Hyperforce, resources can be quickly and easily deployed in the public cloud to reduce implementation time from months to weeks or days, and deliver performance at B2B and B2C scale with built-in trust and local data storage.

Hyperforce also gives Indonesian businesses backwards compatibility, ensuring that every Salesforce app, customisation and integration will run on Hyperforce.

Addressing Indonesia’s digital skills imperative

As well as product innovation, Salesforce recognises the imperative to build digital skills in Indonesia to help drive growth in its digital economy. That’s why Salesforce has engaged in a new skills partnership with The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO) in Indonesia.

“Salesforce is continuing our commitment to addressing the skills imperative in Indonesia by equipping local talent with the tools and skills to improve their job prospects in the digital economy,” Abraham said.

Under the KOMINFO Digital Talent Scholarship Program, participants will be supported to develop the skills required for roles as Salesforce Administrators, Developers and App Builders. Nokentech will support the delivery of training to participants, which will be delivered via Trailhead – Salesforce’s free online learning platform – and through expert-led workshops.

This builds on Salesforce’s existing partnership with Nokentech to train up to 100,000 students in Indonesia in customer relationship management (CRM). Delivered over three years, the training will be delivered to a student base made up of 50 percent of women in order to address gender inequity in access to digital skills.

“Today’s announcement of our Indonesian entity, the launch of Hyperforce and our local skilling initiatives underscore Salesforce’s ever-growing commitment to the Indonesian market. We look forward to working more closely with our customers and partners to help more businesses in Indonesia leverage AI, data and CRM to capture the digital opportunity today,” said Abraham.

How Hyperforce can empower your business future

Want to learn more on how to take your business to the next level with Hyperforce? We are excited to invite you to join us on 5 October, 10.00am Jakarta time. Our leading experts, Matthew Parin, Product Management Senior Director, Salesforce Hyperforce and Eric Suwandhi, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce Indonesia will delve into these comprehensive benefits as well as cover the migration process. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how Hyperforce can empower your organisation and drive your business forward with the next-generation hyperscalable and hypersecure cloud infrastructure.

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