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Learn AI Skills on Trailhead

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AI isn’t for someone else. If you’re in business, AI is for you.

Employers increasingly want to use AI, but employees and candidates lack the skills. Now, anyone can skill up on AI with new Trailhead learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI) news is everywhere! Whether you’re baffled by AI or becoming increasingly knowledgeable each day, one thing is for sure: AI is the future of work, and we’re here to help you learn AI skills on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

As you hear about how new advancements in AI will enhance your life, naturally, you might have fears about what the future holds or even whether you might lose your job to AI. However, the outlook is much more optimistic. Successful AI means enhancing — not replacing — the human workforce. IDC predicts the Salesforce economy, powered by AI, will generate a net gain of $2.02 trillion in worldwide business revenues and 11.6 million jobs worldwide between 2022 and 2028.

With its ability to supercharge human capabilities, AI should be used as a tool to empower the workforce rather than hindering or replacing them.”

Sujith Abraham, Salesforce

Trailblazers who commit now to learning the skills needed to work collaboratively with machines will weather the coming AI revolution across markets and industries. They will also be more likely to realise the massive opportunities AI will bring.

AI is the future of work

There’s so much potential for using AI in the workplace, and 60% of global workers reported excitement about the prospect of using Generative AI for their jobs. Can you imagine how productive you could be with AI assisting you with menial tasks? Executives surveyed estimated that 40% of workers will have to reskill in the next three years due to AI. And 62% of workers say they don’t yet have the skills to effectively and safely use AI. For many, the challenge is determining which tools and skills to focus on.

If it hasn’t become clear yet, AI is not just for developers or data scientists. Utilizing today’s AI technology, salespeople can write stronger prospecting emails, service reps can solve issues with fast-track case swarming, and marketers can create increasingly personalised journeys for their customers and prospects. AI isn’t for someone else. If you’re in business, AI is for you.

I’m already seeing how AI can affect my daily work, from translating and summarising client meetings to checking code. It can really help speed up processing time so we can focus on the human aspects of our jobs.”

Sandi Nuss Zellner, Salesforce Consultant, Locke Nuss Consulting

Learn AI skills on Trailhead

As more companies recognise the value of AI, they are scrambling to take advantage of all it has to offer. To realise ‌gains in efficiency, automation, and increased personalisation, they need people to help implement AI-based systems. This technology is so new that there aren’t many existing experts. We’re here to help you skill up and position yourself as the AI hero your company needs.

Now is the time to skill up on AI, but with so many complex pieces and a finite amount of time to spend learning, where should you focus your efforts? We’ve identified the five areas of AI expertise that employers are looking for. Here’s where to focus if you’re looking for a new job, working toward a promotion, or focused on being the absolute best you can be at your current job.

Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals

Machine learning — designing and using intelligent machines to mimic human-like cognitive functions — is the foundation of AI. Start your learning by learning what deep learning and natural language processing are.

Content we recommend:

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence focuses on machines generating content, like text or images, based on existing data. This is the most recent AI advancement and the buzzy topic in 2023. It’s what allows DALL-E to make an image or Salesforce to write a sales email based on prompts. You’ll want to skill up on what GPT and Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) are and dedicate a good amount of time to prompts and prompt engineering. Good prompts will distinguish successful AI practitioners from casual users. 

Content we recommend: 

Ethical and Responsible Use of AI

Employers are increasingly seeking professionals who can develop AI systems responsibly and ethically. Skill up on the ethical implications of AI, including bias mitigation, fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Content we recommend:

Data Management

Data management isn’t new, but it has never been more important. AI does all its work by analysing your data, so the data needs to be complete and accurate. If clean data is something your organisation could improve upon, now is the time to invest here. It may be the most important thing your company can do to prepare for using AI. Study up on managing an organisation’s data through data governance, architecture, integration, and quality. Slightly more advanced, though still extremely important, are data mapping and data migration.

Content we recommend:

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

AI is excellent at answering questions and creating what we ask of it, but it still requires someone to ask the right question. Finding just the right prompt requires thinking critically and creatively. Practice innovation, troubleshooting, and analytical skills to excel in this skill. 

Content we recommend: 

No matter which topics you spend your time on, learning about AI will be time well spent. We’re at an inflection point where nearly every organisation knows they want to use AI, but few have people who understand what’s behind the scenes. By learning more, you’re making yourself even more of a unique asset to your company, and that’s always a smart career move!

Discover generative AI innovation at Salesforce

In addition to preparing yourself and your org for AI solutions, you should also understand what technology is available to power your company. Salesforce is bringing trusted generative AI technology to its apps, platforms, and workflows. Discover how generative AI and GPT are transforming the future of business in these quick bite-sized units called Trailhead Quick Look modules:

Become a Salesforce Certified AI Associate

As your AI knowledge base grows, be sure to market your skills in this highly sought-after area. We recently launched the new Salesforce AI Associate Certification to help you validate your foundational AI skills. This certification is designed for individuals from all backgrounds, including business leaders and professionals who may or may not have prior knowledge of AI. This certification will validate foundational skills in the ethical and responsible handling of data as they apply to AI in CRM.

Be a Trailblazer with AI Skills Quest

Trailhead is all about making learning fun, so let’s crank up the fun-meter another notch! Join the Be a Trailblazer with AI Skills Quest to learn AI fundamentals, become an AI whiz, and be entered to win* a voucher for the Salesforce AI Associate Certification exam And be sure to spread the word with your friends and colleagues—everyone can learn AI skills on Trailhead.

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