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6 New Marketing Cloud Features To Help You Power Personalisation

6 New Marketing Cloud Features To Help You Power Personalisation

Learn how the latest Marketing Cloud release can optimise your use of data for personalised customer experience.

The last few years have shown us just how important personalisation is to a brand’s digital strategy. According to the latest State of the Connected Customer Report, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.

That demand is apparent, but marketers face three main challenges in addressing it:

  1. Personalising at scale across channels
  2. Effectively using owned data to power personalisation
  3. Aligning organisations for consistent personalisation

The stakes are much higher and the competition more intense. But there is good news — marketers can now access more data and better technology to create better customer experiences.

On that note, here’s a look at six new features in the latest Marketing Cloud release that can help you personalise your marketing strategies.


1. Engagement: Data Extensions Query Support for Intelligence Reports Advanced

As a marketer, you need to ensure you’re delivering the right message to the right audience. With Data Extension Query Support, you can analyse the performance of your messaging by unique audience attributes stored in Marketing Cloud’s Data Extensions. This helps drive higher engagement and brand loyalty. With this new feature, you can:

  • Enrich your query analyses by connecting up to 30 data extensions to your subscriber-level and aggregate Marketing Cloud engagement data
  • Perform codeless queries with audience attributes from Data Extensions to uncover new optimisation opportunities
  • Understand the structure and rows of your Data Extensions with standalone querying

Enrich your customer engagement analysis and uncover deeper insights with Data Extensions.

Watch the demo to learn more.

2. Customer Data Platform

Use richer customer information and reach people on their preferred channels with Marketing Cloud’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) updates. New features in the CDP can help you achieve better personalisation by:

  • Augmenting the volume and variety of data types that can be shared with Marketing Cloud engagement systems
  • Connecting data across the enterprise from both marketing and non-marketing systems
  • Activating data from Customer Data Platform to Mobile Push contact points in Marketing Cloud engagement to drive personalised mobile messages

Expand activation capabilities to drive 1:1 personalisation at every digital touch point.

Watch the demo to learn more.

3. Personalisation: Triggered Campaign Messages

Triggered Campaign Messages combines the best of Marketing Cloud Personalisation with the powerful outbound communication engine of Journey Builder. This can help you reengage customers on their preferred channel. Deliver personalised, relevant messages based on deep, contextual customer behaviour, all in real time to:

  • Trigger an email, mobile app message, push notification, next best action/offer, or an in-store experience based on an individual’s behaviour
  • Measure the amount of time an individual spends on your site, and understand the business context
  • Use powerful real-time segmentation and sophisticated artificial intelligence to determine and deliver contextually relevant experiences that inspire customers to take action

Build relevant customer intent that matters and inspire customers to take action.

Watch the demo to learn more.

4. Account Engagement: Conditional Completion Actions

When it came to prospects interacting with marketing assets, marketers previously needed to run multiple automations to segment effectively and at scale. The new Conditional Completion Actions allow marketers to run these automations in one place. Get even more granular with personalisation on your emails, forms, and other assets by only triggering follow-up actions if a prospect meets a certain set of criteria. You can now:

  • Suppress certain groups from getting added to lists, engagement campaigns, or receiving auto-responder emails
  • Easily assign prospects to the correct user
  • Route leads to more personalised journeys by further segmenting prospects at the point they interact with content

Create personalised experiences with conditional logic in completion actions to increase customer engagement.

Watch the demo to learn more.

5. Intelligence: Database Exports

Customers are investing increasingly in enterprise database software. These databases act as repositories of information from all teams across the entire organisation. Previously, getting data from the marketing team was a hassle. Marketing data is often complicated and relatively siloed, so teams are tasked with making marketing data more accessible enterprise-wide. We are meeting this trend of database investment with the new Database Exports feature. With Database Exports you can:

  • Automate the export of cleansed and harmonised marketing data into your organisation’s database
  • Make marketing data available to other parts of your organisation for deeper analysis and insights
  • Back up the data you have in Intelligence in your preferred database, creating an audit-proof system of all enterprise data

Unlock value in your enterprise strategy with Database Exports.

Watch the demo to learn more.

6. Einstein: Einstein Engagement Frequency “What-If” analyser

Are you worried that your customers will feel email fatigue from too many messages? The new “What-If” analyser tile on the Einstein Engagement Frequency dashboard predicts how your next email send will affect engagement. This will help you:

  • Avoid email fatigue that comes from oversaturating your subscribers
  • Visually test multiple message frequency scenarios to understand how additional messages will affect engagement over time
  • Determine how many emails to send for your upcoming campaigns

Predict how your next email send will affect engagement.

Watch the demo to learn more.

Sara Fefferman

Sara Fefferman is a product marketing manager based in San Francisco, supporting release marketing for the Marketing Cloud.

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