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How To Create Connected Experiences Faster: MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021

Learn How To Create Connected Experiences Faster at MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021

Attend the MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021 to learn how to leverage API-led connectivity to make better data-driven decisions.

Tracy Wang leads marketing at MuleSoft Asia, a Salesforce company that provides integration software for connecting applications, data, and devices. She reveals how MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021 will help businesses develop a winning API product strategy

More businesses are turning to reusable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are messengers that take requests and tell a system what a user wants it to do, then returns the response back to that user. 

One benefit of APIs is that they give businesses better data visibility across many different sources. With good data visibility, businesses can make informed, data-driven decisions. This results in smoother business processes, as well as more connected experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Learn how to achieve this and more at MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021, on 3 August at 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Singapore Standard Time).

What is MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021?

MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021 brings together IT and business thought leaders in Asia’s leading integration event of the year. The free 90-minute online event will reveal how to fast track API-led connectivity so you can create connected experiences faster. 

MuleSoft executives will also demonstrate how you can accelerate your business outcomes using the latest innovations and trends in integration and API management

Finally, hear from business leaders from some of the most successful companies across Asia, who will share their experiences in developing a winning API product strategy.

Why attend MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021?

MuleSoft helps organisations make better data-driven decisions by leveraging API-led connectivity

The power of data depends on your ability to get it out of silos and integrate it into your daily business operations. Businesses collect, store, and use vast amounts of data across systems like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and MySQL. MuleSoft’s industry-leading full-lifecycle API management and iPaaS capabilities enable you to connect all that data together.

It’s a little like transforming your siloed data into composable LEGO® bricks. With an effective API integration strategy in place, you can use your data to build connected experiences across your organisation. This enables you to deliver digital initiatives faster, and drive bottom-line growth.

Who’s speaking at MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021?

MuleSoft CEO Brent Hayward will be there, along with Brian Kealey, VP Asia, and Shaun Clowes, SVP Product Management. They will demonstrate how MuleSoft is addressing the latest trends in integration, full-lifecycle API management, and automation. 

You’ll also hear success stories from some of our customers across Asia:

  • Get insights into the lessons 7-Eleven learned from a recent MuleSoft deployment.
  • Learn how AstraZeneca leveraged API-led connectivity to transform their business operations and accelerate their COVID-19 vaccine innovation efforts.
  • Discover new use cases that big brands such as INSEAD and Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) have been able to support when it comes to integrating systems and data. They will also talk about the challenges they faced in their own integration journey, and share recommendations.
  • Find out how Singapore-based Starfish Digital is unlocking MuleSoft’s capabilities with no code integrations.
  • Uncover how Philippines-based Sonak Corporation executed their vision for connectivity in order to set up their ecommerce, retail, and loyalty program efforts.

Where and when is MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021?

MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021 will be held online on Tuesday, 3 August from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Singapore Standard Time). It is completely free and open for all to join. Closed caption language support will be provided for Thai and Traditional Chinese.

Whether you are getting started with APIs and integration, or a long-time MuleSoft customer, join MuleSoft Summit Asia 2021 to learn how to create connected experiences faster. Register today to secure your spot.

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