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How 3 Retailers in Asia Boost Customer Engagement with Marketing Tech

How 3 Retailers in Asia Use Marketing Technology To Boost Customer Engagement

Innovation and real-time engagement were top priorities for marketers going into 2021. Here are three retailers that do this well.

According to more than 8,000 marketers around the world, the single greatest challenge for the profession this year has been real-time customer engagement.

It’s no surprise, then, that the main priorities for marketers looking into the future all revolve around improving customer engagement and creating seamless experiences. The 2021 State of Marketing report, released this past month, reveals what has been top of mind for marketers as they adapt to new customer behaviours and expectations. At the top of the list of priorities are:

  • Innovating
  • Engaging with customers in real time
  • Creating a cohesive customer journey across channels and devices
  • Improving marketing ROI and attribution
  • Improving collaboration

There are already great examples of businesses that are nailing customer experience and engagement. They are doing it through the innovative use of technology and collaboration between marketing, sales, and service.

Here are three great examples:

1. Tokopedia

When growing, almost every business reaches a stage where increasing headcount is no longer enough to keep up with service demands. 

With more than 100 million active users per month, Indonesia’s largest marketplace platform Tokopedia had to create new ways to deliver trust at scale. The solution came with the optimisation of channels such as email, live chat, and self-service.

Tokopedia was able to implement its Salesforce solutions in four months and with zero downtime. Using Salesforce gave Tokopedia a 360-degree view of customers. The business achieved some great customer engagement outcomes as a result, including:

  • Seventy percent drop in repeated contacts
  • Ninety percent drop in the complaint-to-transaction ratio
  • Forty percent improvement in response times for customer care

Read more about Tokopedia’s success here.

2. Sendo

Sendo, one of Vietnam’s largest ecommerce businesses, connects more than 300,000 sellers to millions of buyers. Three years ago, their customer service team of just 20 agents had to scale quickly in a heavily siloed technological environment.

The solution involved integrating all data into a single system. This provided a single customer view as well as customer access across multiple channels. Service Cloud and Social Studio enabled this and more at Sendo, including real-time reporting to measure and improve KPIs such as call handling time.

Having all customer information in one place resulted in an increase in productivity by more than 30%. Customer satisfaction has increased 20%, and survey response rate has grown by a massive 150%.

Read more of Sendo’s story here.

3. Fisher & Paykel

Premium appliance brand Fisher & Paykel is on a mission to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world. Accomplishing this requires a deep understanding of what people want and need from their products.  

As the company sells directly to consumers as well as through a network of retailers, it’s critical that all tools and data are centralised for easy access by other areas of the business. 

Salesforce solutions have helped Fisher & Paykel break down silos and improve efficiencies. Marketing Cloud helps the company tailor communications to individual customer preferences based on previous behaviours. Builders, designers and retailers can make use of a dealer portal built on Experience Cloud that simplifies collaboration and order tracking. And integrating Service Cloud into Fisher & Paykel’s call centre is helping service teams get instant insight into the customer at the other end of the phone. 

Together, these measures have reduced transactional calls by 60%, and the time it takes to train new operators has shrunk from nine months to three weeks. 

Get more insights into Fisher & Paykel’s success here.

In 2021, business success involves a deep knowledge of customers as well as one-on-one communications. When all teams have a single and shared view of the customer, customer experience moves to an entirely new level.

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