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How Salesforce and depa Are Closing the Digital Skills Gap in Thailand

How Salesforce and depa Are Closing the Digital Skills Gap in Thailand

Learn how Salesforce and depa collaborate to take on Thailand’s digital skills gap, by developing the Salesforce experts of tomorrow.

Trailhead Academy and Thailand’s Digital Economy Promoting Agency are creating the Salesforce experts of tomorrow.

In Thailand, Salesforce and the Salesforce partner ecosystems are thriving, creating opportunities for the population as years progress

A by-product of this boom is a growing demand for skilled employees with specialised training, or as some refer to it — the skills gap. Both businesses and job seekers will need to make sure that they have the digital capabilities to fill this gap, and carry them to success in the future. 

Salesforce is well versed in the art of tackling skills gaps. Trailhead is Salesforce’s free online learning platform that helps anyone skill up for jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. Trailhead Academy enables experts to deliver in-person and virtual learning experiences all over the world. Together, they deliver a powerful blend of synchronous and asynchronous skilling options for everyone who wants to learn Salesforce technology.

Similarly, Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) is driving the development of digital industry and innovation on home soil.

The goals of Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy and depa often intersect. Both have collaborated to promote Salesforce courses on the depa website and run webinars that educate universities on the benefit of training up students with industry-specific skills.

The collaboration’s newest endeavour, the Salesforce depa Career Kickstarter, equips Thai graduates with the necessary skills to master the latest digital innovations. It also places them in Salesforce ecosystem jobs where those skills are in high demand.

Keeping up with digital transformation

It’s safe to say that over the two years since the global pandemic hit, the world of work has changed beyond recognition

Perhaps the most glaring of changes has been the race towards digital transformation. This is a phenomenon that has touched most countries, including Thailand. Globally, 70% of sales leaders reported that their digital transformation has sped up since 2019. Added to this, 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives due to the pandemic.

The practical reasons behind the shift to digital are easily quantifiable. Physical separation as the result of the pandemic created both a new remote-work imperative and an increased demand for from-anywhere purchasing. Customer-centricity took centre stage in order to cater to never-before-seen levels of consumer flexibility and authority. 

This new way of working, which by all accounts will outlast the pandemic, means that for both businesses and consumers, the digital experience is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. This will require an all-new set of skills for the workforce that will affect nearly every industry. If job seekers wish to be competitive, and want to secure work that is future proof, they need to make sure they have the skills they’ll need.

The future of work in Thailand

Recently, analyst firm IDC released a study that revealed just how much digital acceleration is affecting the future of work. 

In Thailand, Salesforce and its partner ecosystems will create 31,200 new jobs and 55.14 billion baht (US$1.7 billion) in new business revenues by 2026. 

Equally impressive is that Salesforce is driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem, which will make $6.28 (207.4 Baht) for every $1 Salesforce makes locally by 2026. 

Clearly, satisfying the demand for that many specialised employees will require training, up-skilling, and reskilling that is just as specialised. That is why the collaboration between Salesforce and depa has come at exactly the right time.

The Salesforce depa Career Kickstarter

The Salesforce depa Career Kickstarter supports digital transformation in Thailand, while simultaneously helping to close the skills gap. 

At least 100 Thai university graduates will receive the ultimate in Salesforce training so that they can thrive within the new digital workforce. Open to graduates all over the country, the application process will include an interview with Salesforce and the completion of pre-qualifying trails on Trailhead.

Successful applicants will receive deep immersion in the CRM skill set by Salesforce experts — with sights set on becoming Salesforce administrators or developers. Three dedicated courses later and each candidate will then enter a job placement process. This aims to match them with a job within Salesforce or with one of Salesforce’s many partners across Thailand (whether in financial services, manufacturing, or consulting, to name a few).  

Salesforce Thailand’s Mr. Kittipong Asawapichayon spoke of the collaboration with depa with great clarity: 

“As Salesforce grows, so do our partners. We remain committed to providing our expanding partner ecosystem with the resources needed to succeed in this new digital world — a large part of which stems from a strong talent pool.”

With depa and Salesforce on the case, that talent pool is set to grow stronger.

Grow your future with Salesforce

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Kim Fong Ng

Kim Ng is Senior Training Manager for Trailhead Academy at Salesforce, with more than 20 years of experience in the IT Training industry. She manages training and certification for the Salesforce ecosystem in Asia. Kim and her team help customers and partners to identify training and developmental needs and drive suitable training initiatives for the customers. As part of Salesforce giving back to society, Kim works with the Singapore Government to develop special training programs for local job seekers and provide them with job opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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