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Service Teams Today Have the Opportunity To Exceed Expectations. Learn More at Salesforce Live: Asia

Service Teams Today Have the Opportunity To Exceed Expectations. Learn More at Salesforce Live: Asia

Today’s service teams have more tools available than ever before to exceed expectations. Join us at Salesforce Live: Asia to learn more.

Meeting customer expectations is just the beginning for service teams that are aiming for great things. To move from expected to exceptional, smart customer service teams are shifting their focus from problem-solving to customer happiness. Innovative digital platforms help to keep service agents at the top of their game. 

Our recent State of the Connected Customer research shows that focusing on service makes good business sense. Ninety-one percent of customers are more likely to make an additional purchase after a great service experience. There has never been a better time to reflect on how your organisation manages service teams, and consider levelling-up your business for customer success.

At our upcoming Salesforce Live: Asia – Service Trailblazers episode on 27 May, we will hear from regional airline AirAsia and heavy equipment distributor, United Tractors. Each will share key learnings on delivering better service for customers and exceeding – not just meeting – expectations.

Here is a small taste of their stories:


AirAsia’s Super App takes flight — online

During the pandemic, AirAsia’s founder, Tony Fernandes, regularly reminded staff to “never waste a crisis.” So, it was no surprise that the AirAsia team used that time to rethink its online strategy and fast-track the development of its ASEAN super app. The resulting app is a comprehensive lifestyle platform that offers customers more value and choice. It brings together flights, hotels, travel packages, loyalty programs, shopping, food, deliveries, and payments all in one platform.

From a service perspective, the app is changing the way customers interact with AirAsia, giving them a new channel for their enquiries. AirAsia’s Virtual Allstar chatbot (AVA) works across all digital platforms and helps customers get quick access to general information, book flights, and perform other simple tasks. The chatbot helps to shift customer service caseload from other channels and allows service teams to focus on the more high-value aspects of service.


United Tractors’ remote service teams go digital

United Tractors is the largest distributor of heavy equipment in Indonesia. Most of its customers come from the mining and construction sectors. In a country of more than 17,500 islands, meeting their customers’ needs can be a logistical challenge. 

Many customers use their equipment 24 hours a day and require an always-on level of support from United Tractors. The company needs to work onsite with customers to resolve their issues quickly and also provide peace of mind with strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) across all locations. They needed the technology in place to enable their technicians to deliver on SLAs consistently.

Since its digital transformation, United Tractors has removed most of its field paperwork and has improved the productivity and reporting for its field service team. Cindy Christian, Head of Digital, shares their process, learnings, and results.

Whether service teams are out in the field or finding new ways to work across channels, customer service is evolving to meet the rising expectations of customers. Providing responsive service from anywhere, as well as a consistent and seamless customer experience across all channels, are part of the new normal.


To hear more from AirAsia, United Tractors, and others about their service transformation journeys, register and tune in on 27 May for Episode 2 of Salesforce Live: Asia.

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