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Be Inspired by Our Trailblazers at Salesforce Live: Asia

Be Inspired by Our Trailblazers at Salesforce Live: Asia

Trailblazers are individuals or companies doing amazing things with Salesforce. Join Salesforce Live: Asia to learn from our Trailblazers.

Salesforce Live: Asia, running on July 8, 2020, is a virtual event for everyone. 

One of the event highlights is the Trailblazer-led sessions. A Trailblazer is an individual or company doing amazing things with Salesforce. They drive innovation, solve problems, transform their companies, and grow their careers. 

Hear from Trailblazers across Asia who are successfully navigating today’s new business environment. Our Trailblazers discuss technology-driven customer engagement, innovative business strategies and solutions, and other lessons on thriving in the new normal. With more than 30 Trailblazer-led sessions, covering businesses of various industries and sizes, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss these Trailblazers

First up, the main keynote broadcast at 10 a.m. (Singapore Time). Tune in to hear our executives and Trailblazers discuss how the digital transformation imperative has never been stronger. Today, business leaders face more uncertainty than they have in decades. What’s more, different businesses, industries, and geographies operate at different paces. The secret to thriving in the new business environment? Using technology to stabilise, reopen, and grow.

Our lineup of Trailblazers includes some names that you might be familiar with:

Singapore Global Network (SGN) is a branch of the Singapore government’s Economic Development Board. Jasmin Lau, Executive Director, shares how SGN leveraged technology to build relationships with overseas Singaporeans and friends of Singapore. Technology also enabled SGN to rapidly reach out to overseas Singaporeans at scale during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prudential Singapore is not just a life insurance company. For the last 90 years, Prudential Singapore’s mission is to innovate and help everyone live well. Join Odd Haavik, Chief Distribution Officer, to hear how the company partners with Salesforce to create a Customer 360 vision.

Anantara Vacation Club offers luxurious getaways to breathtaking destinations. Matthjis de Man, Director of Club Services and Innovation, shares the club’s story of customer centricity amidst challenging times. He also gives his thoughts on the role of technology in propelling future growth. 

Grab is one Trailblazer that has made data-driven marketing a reality. Asha Gourinath, Performance Marketing and CRM Lead — Growth Markets, discusses how Grab uses Datorama’s marketing intelligence platform to drive strategic decisions within their fast growing business. 

Luxasia brings the best beauty and luxury brands to consumers in Asia Pacific. Avis Easteal, Regional Head of Consumer, shares how Luxasia leverages Customer 360 Marketing and Heroku to connect sales and customer data to deliver real-time insights. These insights enabled Luxasia to rapidly shift from an omni-channel presence to a digital-first business.  

Union Bank of the Philippines has led the way in digitally transforming their business for the new normal. All while putting customer care at the core of strategic decisions. Colleen Toledo, CX Designer, shares how digital initiatives will be the foundation of the bank’s future growth. 

Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui-Haili Vietnam, a leading water purifier brand, aims to provide high quality products and services to every consumer. To achieve this, they use Partner Relationship Management on Salesforce Customer 360. Trang Le, Business Marketing Manager, shares how Salesforce helps them build trust and meaningful relationships with customers.

Bluebird Group is a household name in Indonesia. The company offers ground transportation solutions and serves millions of customers every month. During the pandemic, Bluebird expanded its business to include logistics. Learn from Paul Soegianto, Chief Strategy Officer, about Bluebird’s successful transformation and how it continues to evolve digitally to stay relevant and connected with customers.

Join the Salesforce customer community at Salesforce Live: Asia

Salesforce Live: Asia is streaming live and on-demand on July 8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Singapore Time). Join us to learn how you too can stabilise, reopen, and grow your business with Salesforce.

Register for Salesforce Live: Asia here.

Nichola Palmer

Nichola is based in Singapore, and leads Customer Marketing in Asia, and the Asia Blog at Salesforce.  She is focused on bringing customer stories and content to life, and loves the opportunity to collaborate with customers and spread the word about the innovation they're driving with Salesforce. Nichola is a champion for equality, and a member of the Salesforce Women's Network and Outforce employee groups.   Follow Nichola on Twitter

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