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Scale Service Efficiency To Reduce Costs And Grow Customer Loyalty

Scale service efficiency to reduce costs and grow customer loyalty

Customer service can be a revenue generator rather than a business cost. Investing in technology to drive service efficiency can help maximise ROI.

Service organisations are striving to meet heightened customer expectations in increasingly uncertain economic conditions. According to the State of Service report, 60% of service professionals stated customer expectations increased during the pandemic. Customers also value the experience offered by businesses much more than they did before. In 2022, 88% of customers said that their experience of a brand mattered as much as its products, compared to 80% of customers in 2020.

Service leaders are faced with the challenge of meeting growing customer expectations in an increasingly uncertain economic climate. They don’t just have to plan for service success, but they also have to do it more efficiently while cutting costs. This pressure to do more with less can impact service quality – with 78% of service agents in 2022 saying it was difficult to balance speed and quality, up substantially from 63% of service agents in 2020.

So how can service professionals grow customer loyalty by delivering faster, more personalised service? How can they scale service efficiency while achieving cost savings?

Maximising service ROI

Delivering a superlative customer experience can build strong customer connections and increase loyalty. According to the State of the Connected Customer report, 94% of customers stated that good customer service makes them more likely to make another purchase. This means customer service can actually be a revenue generator rather than a business cost. With the right technologies, a business can empower their service professionals to become frontline brand ambassadors – who can identify and maximise revenue opportunities.

Let’s look at a few ways to achieve service success efficiently and at scale.

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Stats shown as ‘ASEAN’ reflect the responses of 2,000 survey respondents from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, out of a total of 8,050 responses across 36 countries used in the report.



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