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Get To Know the Spring ’22 Release

Get To Know the Spring ’22 Release

Spring ’22 Release (product release) is now generally available. Maximise your Salesforce ROI with the hundreds of new features and updates.

Innovation is one of Salesforce’s core values, and we commit to this value by releasing hundreds of new features and enhancements three times a year. Many of these innovations come from ideas that are crowdsourced and prioritised by real customers via the IdeaExchange.  

Our first release of the new year, Spring ’22, is now generally available. With hundreds of new features and updates, you can maximise your Salesforce return on investment (ROI) with these three tips:

1. Learn about the top new features through Release in a Box

The Release in a Box is a comprehensive guide with high-level summaries of the top innovations across all our Salesforce products. With Release in a Box, you can decide which new features and capabilities are relevant for your organisation.

2. Next, check out demo videos to see innovations in action

Our demo video playlists, found on the Spring ’22 release marketing website, showcase how you can utilise some of our top new features and updates. For example, see how Slack Huddles offers an audio-first way of connecting with colleagues, customers, and partners in real time. Watching demo videos provides an easy way to see new innovations in action.

3. Lastly, be sure to take the Spring ’22 Release Highlights Trail

The Spring ’22 Release Highlights Trail is a great way to learn some of this season’s innovation highlights, all while earning a new badge.

Learn more about innovation at Salesforce and the Spring ’22 Release.

Spring into our latest products and features, and succeed from anywhere.

This post originally appeared on the U.S-version of the Salesforce blog.

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