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3 Ways Technogym Thailand Provides Exceptional Customer Experience

3 Ways Technogym Thailand Provides Exceptional Customer Experience From Anywhere

Here’s how Technogym Thailand’s mobile workforce delivers seamless and personalised customer experiences, in spite of COVID-19 restrictions.

79% of consumers surveyed for the fourth edition of the State of the Connected Consumer report say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. 

This principle certainly holds true for Technogym Thailand. The fast growing business is on a mission to help people live better and  integrate wellness into their daily lives. Its products include a range of fitness equipment as well as digital technologies that promote health and wellbeing. 

These products are popular with both businesses and consumers. Consumer sales were especially strong over the last two years as more and more people set up home gyms. Even so, the business knows the experience it provides is critical to its ongoing success.

“To ensure the business’ sustainability and continued growth, we need to provide customers with the best possible experience,” said Surachet Amornrattanavej, Managing Director of Technogym Thailand. 

Here are three ways Technogym Thailand is delivering on its goal and delighting customers at every turn.

Empowers teams with a connected view of the customer

Customers today expect a consistent experience, even as they move between different channels and interact with different departments. However, delivering this experience is easier said than done. Technogym Thailand realised early on that having the right data was key.

“When it comes to brand perception, consistency is important. That’s why we chose to partner with Salesforce and invest in CRM in the early stages of business,” said Surachet. “We wanted to move all our data onto one platform so every department could access the same information and communicate the same message to customers.” 

Technogym Thailand now has a 360-degree view of customers, including a history of every sales and support interaction. This information empowers teams to deliver a consistent and personalised experience at every step of the customer journey.

Delivers personalised and efficient field service

Technogym Thailand offers installation services as well as other post-sales support to help customers maintain their fitness products. The field technicians who provide this support are effectively the face of the brand. They are there for customers when they need help the most and trusted to deliver a superior service.  

“It’s no longer enough to just go out and fix a customer’s problem. We need to provide an excellent experience from the moment a customer calls to report an issue through to the point of resolution,” said Surachet. 

Technogym Thailand has equipped employees with Salesforce Field Service to make this experience as seamless as possible. Now, when a customer reaches out for help, a customer service agent can quickly raise a case and capture the key information needed to solve their problem. The agent can then create a work order and dispatch a technician with the right skills to do the job.  

Technicians themselves have information at their fingertips to provide a more personalised service and resolve most issues their first time onsite. This includes details about the customer, their current issue, and any spare parts that may be required.

Adapts to evolving customer needs

COVID-19-related restrictions and safety concerns have made it more difficult for people to visit gyms and other fitness centres during the pandemic. Many consumers have consequently chosen to create or upgrade their home gyms, leading to an increase in sales for Technogym Thailand’s home fitness equipment.

As a result, Technogym Thailand has had to manage a spike in new installations as well as regular repairs. At the same time, it needed to ensure employee and customer safety by minimising time spent onsite. 

Technogym Thailand used Salesforce to adapt and keep pace with customer needs. For example, the business has empowered customer service agents to work remotely and resolve customer issues over the phone. While field technicians have continued to attend to more complex problems, they’re equipped with everything they need to make site visits quick and efficient. 

Like all businesses, Technogym Thailand knows it must continue to be agile to handle customers’ changing expectations. That includes being ready to support and interact with customers across any channel they choose. 

For this reason, Technogym Thailand has extended its support channels to include WhatsApp, LINE, and social media. The business is also exploring ways to enhance customer engagement

“Our customers’ needs are changing all of the time and it is really important to me that we’re able to adapt,” said Surachet. “Salesforce gives me the confidence that we can stay up to date and ahead of the trends.”

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