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How UEM Sunrise Secures Data and Strengthens Customer Trust

How UEM Sunrise Secures Data and Strengthens Customer Trust

A leading property developer in Malaysia shares tips for protecting customer data and privacy in the all digital, work-from-anywhere world.

As more organisations move to a hybrid workplace and accelerate their digital transformation journeys, they must do so in a way that strengthens customer trust. 

Protecting customer data and privacy is paramount, but far from easy. Organisations face a rapidly evolving threat landscape in which Asia is the most targeted region. They also face increased expectations from regulators and customers when it comes to handling sensitive data.

How can business, IT, and security teams work together to enhance data security in the all digital, work-from-anywhere world? 

UEM Sunrise Berhad, a Salesforce customer, recently spoke at a webinar on Navigating the Security Frontier in 2022. UEM Sunrise Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading property developers. Hasniza Binti Mohamed, Director, Digital & Incubation at UEM Sunrise Berhad, shared how the company ensures the security and privacy of customer data:

Build secure experiences

To protect themselves and secure data, organisations need to build security into every experience—even when innovating at unprecedented pace. 

UEM Sunrise Berhad makes sure to prioritise security when building new experiences. For example, Hasniza’s team works with the business to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) at the outset of each project. This allows them to identify all security requirements and make them part of any tender process. 

“As a user of technology, you want systems deployed as soon as possible. However, from a security perspective, there are a lot of measures to put in place first,” said Hasniza.

Take control of privacy through identity and access management

Many customers are willing to share their data in exchange for hyper-personalised experiences. At the same time, they want to trust their data is safe. This is particularly true for personally identifiable information (PII) such as medical or financial records. 

To maintain customer trust, organisations need to take control of privacy at every stage of the data lifecycle. For UEM Sunrise Berhad, this includes taking the time to classify data and establish clear policies about who can access it. 

UEM Sunrise Berhad also has plans to introduce Privileged Access Management (PAM).

“Users manage many systems within the business and even though they are aware of our SOPs and data governance policies, but there’s still the possibility of users sharing the permissions with other users. So, moving forward, we will use PAM to centralise the access at our corporate level. This will allow my team to monitor and take action to remove any unnecessary permissions,” said Hasniza.

Be proactive in creating a trusted digital environment

Proactively embedding security and privacy controls throughout an organisation can help to increase the pace of innovation while strengthening customer trust. For example, adopting techniques like data masking allows teams to build and test applications while protecting regulated data.

Organisations also need to be proactive in addressing the evolving threat landscape. One way UEM Sunrise Berhad tackles this is through proactive threat hunting. 

“Cybersecurity attacks are increasing and we can’t always predict what’s next. What we can do is use proactive threat hunting with AI to simulate attacks and identify any gaps. This helps to bulletproof our environment and protect us against any new virus or breach,” said Hasniza.

The bottom line is that as companies go all-digital, they need to stay safe, secure, and compliant. Building secure experiences, managing identity and access, and creating a trusted digital environment are essential to success.

Watch our on-demand webinar on Navigating the Security Frontier in 2022. Learn how companies like UEM Sunrise Berhad prioritise security and strengthen customer trust.

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