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World Tour Essentials Asia is Here!

Explore the future of business with AI + Data + CRM

Trailblazers from all over the region came together with local and global leaders to celebrate the latest in innovation, and to focus on the major drivers for business success this year — AI, data and CRM.

It was inspiring to gather so many industry leaders together, but if you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry. We have curated the highlights of the event for a virtual broadcast — join us on Thursday 25 May at 10am (Singapore time) for a recap of the best sessions, including the keynote address, led by Sujith Abraham, Salesforce Senior Vice President and General Manager of ASEAN.

Be inspired by global and local leaders at World Tour Essentials Asia

The future of business — AI + Data + CRM

Kicking off the event, the keynote address put laser focus on how artificial intelligence (AI), data and customer relationship management (CRM) will be the foundation of business in the years to come.

The future we’ve been waiting for is here. We have the technology today to improve productivity, drive new efficiencies, and take costs out of the business – all while creating amazing customer experiences”

Sujith Abraham
SVP & GM ASEAN, Salesforce

The power of AI to drive business growth is already being seen, and Generative AI is taking the world by storm. From marketing to sales, AI is becoming an important part of many businesses’ tech stack. It has the power to automate personalised service interactions, create hyper-targeted marketing messages, and accelerate your sales pipeline.

We recently announced Einstein GPT — the world’s first generative AI for CRM. See it in action in an inspiring demo in the World Tour Essentials Asia keynote, and watch the broadcast to see Clara Shih, EVP and GM, Service Cloud who outlined what Einstein GPT will bring to your business

Einstein GPT helps you generate trusted content from CRM data and improve every experience across the Customer 360 … giving your employees the GPT superpowers to deliver magical experiences that differentiate your brand.”

Clara Shih
EVP & GM, Service Cloud

We heard from Alison Olsson, Regional Vice President, who shared our new Customer Company Playbook, including how Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and more, can help any company become a customer company.

AI skills for the future

Amidst the discussions around the potential of AI, we also explored how ready the workforce is to use these innovations. We unveiled the results of our AI Digital Skills Survey, revealing that 72% of knowledge workers in Singapore are excited about the use of generative AI for their job. Yet, many are not equipped with the right skills, highlighting the need to accelerate the workforce’s digital readiness and aptitude for AI. Currently only 15% of employees in Singapore are using AI in their day-to-day role.

Upskilling will be the way forward to address the AI skills gap. In fact, nearly all (98%) of respondents in Singapore believe that businesses should prioritise digital skills development for their employees.

Sujith spoke to Poh Cheng Pang, Group Director, Business Technology Group at SkillsFuture Singapore, about the importance of lifelong learning, and the company’s vision for enhanced customer experiences.

Pang Poh Cheng, SkillsFuture Singapore + Sujith Abraham

Incredible Trailblazers

We took a look at how Formula 1 creates incredible fan experiences using Salesforce Customer 360. Using Data Cloud, a global organisation like F1 can deliver personalised content to each of its 500 million fans worldwide. Watch the demo and the mesmerising Formula 1 film in the World Tour Essentials Asia broadcast.

And we heard from Chia I Mun, APAC Commercial Excellence Lead at Johnson & Johnson Vision, who shared how the company is improving customer engagement, the skills needed for success, and the metrics that Johnson & Johnson Vision uses to measure success. Tune in for those words of wisdom in the keynote where I Mun speaks to Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer, Salesforce.

Chia I Mun, Johnson & Johnson Vision + Polly Sumner

Inspirational sessions

The virtual broadcast will also showcase many of the sessions from the live event. Here’s a breakdown of what you can look forward to:

Your Sales Playbook for Cost Efficient Growth

Eighty-two percent of sales reps say they’ve had to adapt quickly to new ways of selling. Empowering your teams to sell smarter not harder, is top of mind, and we explore how features currently available in Sales Cloud help your teams maximise this digital first, automated CRM, powered by AI, to work more productively and reduce costs.

Choon Soon Gan, Head of Business Process at ShopBack, shared how Sales Cloud helps their business scale fast across the region and work more effectively and productively across teams.

Choon Soon Gan, ShopBack

How To Generate Lifelong Loyalty with Service

A loyal customer is a lucrative customer — 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services — up from 80% in 2020.

To nurture the kinds of relationships that lead to customer loyalty, you need to provide a consistent experience across your channels — especially as 83% of customers expect to resolve complex problems through one person.

Clara Shih, EVP & GM, Service Cloud demonstrated the power of Service Cloud when it comes to delivering excellent customer experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

We were also joined by Shilash Sharma, Senior Manager, Business & Digital Transformation at Anantara Vacation Club, who shared how they can scale at pace with customer growth, and drive loyalty through excellent service and personalised customer engagement.

Shilash Sharma, Anantara Vacation Club

Marketing Moments That Count: Maximise First-Party Data to Drive Conversions, Growth and Customer Loyalty

The latest State of Marketing report contained at least one wake-up moment — 75% of marketers say they still rely at least in part on third-party data.

With the ongoing changes to the way that platforms are handling third-party cookie data, it is becoming increasingly important that marketers have a robust first-party data strategy — something that only 54% of marketing professionals have done so far.

In this session, see how Marketing Cloud can help you achieve business growth and deliver impactful customer experiences using a first-party data strategy.

Salesforce experts guide you through the demos, and an extra special guest — Golden Hoodie winner Shibu Abraham, APAC Head, Salesforce Practice at UST, shares how businesses can leverage Marketing Cloud to get closer engagement with their customers.

Shibu Abraham, UST

Unlock Your Productivity With Slack and Generative AI

Slack is the engagement layer for Customer 360, powered by automation, knowledge sharing, and connection. It enables you to bring together your teams to boost performance with improved decision making and increase efficiency with automated workflows.

In this session Shweta Verma, Regional Vice President for Slack Sales, demonstrates how a new generative-AI-powered Slack will transform the way you work.

We spoke to Michael Brady, Group Director Operations at Cebu Pacific Air, ASEAN winners of the Slack Award for Unlocking Productivity. Michael will reveal how Slack has empowered their business — saving time, improving customer experiences, and streamlining internal communications.

Michael Brady, Cebu Pacific Air

Stream it to believe it — World Tour Essentials Asia 2023.

Learn about

  • the apps the help you create a Customer 360 in your business 
  • the platform that lets you innovate 
  • how to leverage your data so you see and understand every customer

Tune in from anywhere and discover how the future of business is AI + Data + CRM with Salesforce Customer 360. Get inspired by Einstein GPT in our keynote, hear from industry experts, soak up demos, and tune in to Trailblazer stories as we invigorate you on your journey to become a Customer Company with the #1 CRM.

Experience the magic of Einstein GPT with live demos!

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