Amplify your digital skills and employability in the Information Technology sector. There’s never been a better time to round out your resume with the Salesforce, tech, business, and professional skills employers want. Open doors to a new fulfilling career in the thriving Salesforce Ecosystem.*

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We help your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere. Find out more about Salesforce.

Career programmes for all skill and experience levels

Upskilling Programmes
Upskilling Programmes
Designed for PMETs keen to undergo skills conversion and launch their new Salesforce career aligned to 5 sought-after roles.

Delivery : Hybrid / Work Integrated [Full Time]
Duration : 6 months [40 hrs/week]
Qualification Goals : Salesforce Credential/s
Collaboration Partners :
SG Tech & NTUC Learning Hub
Supported by Workforce SG & SkillsFuture SG
Grow and validate your Administrator, Marketing, Developer skills with Salesforce for increased efficiency, agility and business impact.

Delivery : Virtual [Part Time]
Duration : 1-5 days [8-40 hrs/week]
Qualification Goals : Salesforce Credential/s
Collaboration Partner :
NTUC Learning Hub
Supported by SkillsFuture SG
This programme is for new learners getting their start with Salesforce.

Join us on a FREE online learning journey. Workshops, presentations, and career panels are hosted by Salesforce professionals from different walks of life.
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New Zealand Programs
Academic Partners
This collaboration with ITE trains students on Salesforce skills. A dedicated mentorship programme supports students to become Admin / Developer certified and be job-ready. ITE faculty members are enabled through Train-the-Trainer sessions, building their CRM and Salesforce tech expertise.
The SIT-Salesforce Learning Lab allows students to learn industry best practices and apply their CRM knowledge on social innovation projects. This partnership further enables working professionals to upskill and build Salesforce competencies with flexible learning options via micro-credentials.
Our partnership with Nokentech supports equitable access to digital skills. It is part of the National Talent Management Platform (MANTAP) that seeks to develop the talent ecosystem in Indonesia. This partnership with Nokentech was announced in March 2023.
Kasetsart University is a partner of Salesforce University Programme that aims to bridge the digital skills gap and build Salesforce talent in Thailand. Students and fresh graduates are provided opportunities to build in-demand Salesforce Admin, Developer and Marketing skills, helping them stay relevant in the digital economy.
Bulacan State University is collaborating with Salesforce to grow graduate career opportunities in Philippines. Graduating students are equipped with Salesforce skills and desirable job-ready skills via self-paced Trailhead modules, hands-on learning, credential attainment, and internship opportunities.
We have been developing diverse academic initiatives to help prepare, connect and support youths into life-changing Salesforce careers.

Partner with us today to empower your students and local youths to learn in-demand skills and skill up for the future. 

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