Salesforce is easy to deploy. The way they look at solutions from a customer’s viewpoint really fits with what we do”

Reid Meldrum, Head of Business Channels

Adaptable enterprise: Optus fast-tracks SMB sales with Salesforce

When new customers are ready to sign on the dotted line, you’ve got to show it to them. Strike when the iron’s hot, as they say. With Salesforce, Optus SMB is ready to deal, anytime. And it shows. They’ve boosted sales conversion by 10% and in just 18 months notched up a 40 point lift in NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Optus, Australia’s second largest telco provider, has big plans for Australia.  Allen Lew, chief executive of Optus parent SingTel-Optus, has pledged to turn Optus into Australia’s fastest growing mobile-led multimedia company over the next three years. Such fighting talk requires quick improvements and adaptable systems. Optus SMB is betting on Salesforce to deliver on its promises.  

Asking new customers to wait for back-office clearance sends mixed messages to some and encourages others out the door. Just ask Reid Meldrum, Head of Business Channels at Optus, who said delays between verbal agreements with new customers and contract signing saw 15% of new customers walk.

 “We had to improve how we operated and we had to remove clutter and get the basics right,” said Meldrum. “Our people needed better tools –how technology improves productivity.”

There was work to do, and perhaps the biggest job was a systems clear-out. Optus SMB salespeople were looking in too many places. “We took 10 systems down to just one integrated solution,” said Meldrum. “Our average sales cycle is now five days shorter – that’s huge.”

Optus SMB  activated Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud on one Salesforce Platform.

Sales Cloud helps Optus salespeople prospect and sell, from anywhere. They’re able to nurture leads and opportunities, and generate proposals and contracts. Integration with the Australian government’s ABN Register validates data. And automatic data ‘washing’ ensures Optus complies with the ACMA Do Not Call Register.

Optus created the Build My Offer application that has transformed selling, ensuring Optus salespeople strike when the iron is hot. There’s no paperwork or delay. They can build customised plans, formalise offers and capture customer signatures, all on screen, at the moment of truth.

Document creation system Conga, is integrated to quotes and contracts, and DocuSign – lets prospects sign on glass to become customers there and then. 

Meldrum says “Everything is now seamless, from lead to contract signing to customer lifecycle management.”

The consolidation has also reduced the time to issue a customer contract by 43%.

Optus SMB’s newly streamlined sales process is a big hit with customers, said Meldrum. “They just love it. We’ve had amazing feedback. Just the other day one of our reps secured a new customer as they boarded a flight. They signed on glass at the airport. Deal done. It brings excitement to the process and wins us business, in real time.”

Everything happens faster. Time spent reworking contracts has been slashed by 70%. Order processing time is 25% faster.

“Salesforce is the key pillar of our go-to-market strategy. Longer term it will support our growth and, most importantly, allow us to keep delivering brilliant service,” said Meldrum.


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