Shakey's Pizza

Salesforce helps us understand what our guests say, want and need real-time, and we can use those insights to drive loyalty and sales.”

Jasmin Eusebio Yu | Head of Digital Acceleration


growth in feedback received since using Salesforce


Shakey’s Pizza finds perfect ingredients for digital engagement

Shakey’s Pizza is one of the Philippines' favourite brands, and the number-one full service pizza chain in the country. The business has enjoyed double-digit growth every year for the past 15 years. It now has 230+ restaurants and an increasingly strong digital presence. Shakey's is using Salesforce today to improve engagement in digital channels and drive more guests to order online through social listening and omni-channel guest feedback.

Leading this work is Shakey’s Digital Acceleration team which is responsible for the business’ website, mobile app, social media, online ordering via Facebook chat and SuperCard, its 1.5M-strong guest loyalty program.

“Shakey’s Pizza’s WOW Philosophy puts our guests’ needs central and core to everything we do. We strive hard to consistently provide positive guest experiences. We also want to make it seamless so that we can convert those who engage with us online into long-term, loyal guests,” said Jasmin Eusebio Yu, Head of Digital Acceleration. “Salesforce helps us by enabling us to keep pace with the ever-increasing volume of online feedback, sort priorities and respond to the most urgent ones in an effective and organized way - so that issues and concerns are immediately escalated to the ones who can resolve and address them right away.”

From manual processes to streamlined engagement

Shakey’s has offered online ordering for several years, first through its website and then through its mobile app. These orders are automatically transmitted to the nearest Shakey’s Pizza store relative to the guest’s specified address. However, a large proportion of delivery and carry out orders are still placed through the Shakey’s call center where each one is transmitted manually to restaurants by human agents.

These phone orders impact on agent productivity which is one reason why Shakey’s is focused on increasing digital engagement. While answering inquiries, addressing concerns and processing orders are all important tasks of every Shakey’s call center agent, the brand wanted to ensure the smooth conversion of calls to actual orders through Salesforce.

To do this, Shakey’s is using Salesforce to empower its dedicated social media and WeCare team to quickly sort and answer online feedback while immediately processing online orders for hungry guests.

“One of the biggest challenges we’ve had to overcome is the lack of visibility into what is being said about our brand online,” said Pearl Ocampo, Head of Social Media at Shakey’s Pizza. “We were manually logging all feedback and responses on social media into spreadsheets, and it could take a week or more to analyse the sentiment or volume of posts.”

The rollout of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio has made a dramatic difference. It allows Shakey’s to seamlessly capture online feedback and prioritise which messages should be responded to first. It also streamlines reporting and makes it much easier and faster to identify issues or trends. For instance, Shakey’s can measure sentiment related to new products or offers almost immediately.

Shakey’s is using these insights and efficiencies to respond more effectively to online feedback and turn inquiries and complaints into online orders. It is also starting to take orders via Facebook, providing another alternative to the call center.

“The social media team used to spend a large part of the day capturing as much information as they could from social media. Now, that information is instantly available to us so we can focus on more important, revenue-generating tasks,” said Ocampo.

Increasing loyalty and sales

All of the guest information gathered through social media and SuperCard, Shakey’s loyalty program, is held in Service Cloud, helping Shakey’s to personalise marketing and support through online guest feedback. With this dynamic, Shakey’s has seen growth in feedback received of 1165%. It plans to rollout Marketing Cloud take more advantage of this and create journeys and campaigns which are tailored to each guest. These could include automated welcome journeys for new loyalty members or re-engagement campaigns.

As Shakey’s continues to innovate, the digital team is using Trailhead to learn how they can make the most of the capabilities Salesforce provides and they are excited by the potential. “For me, the value of Salesforce is that it helps us understand what our guests want and need, and use those insights to drive loyalty and sales. I don’t think any other platform could help us do that,” said Yu.


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