Dashboards and Reports


Help your partners sell like your reps.

Share customisable dashboards and reports with partners to ensure alignment with key goals, track and rank partner performance, and easily connect data from any source with Einstein Analytics.

Connect any data to any partner.

Populate analytics dashboards with data from any source — from Salesforce data to external data — so you can share the right information with the right partner at the right time.

Help partners gain deep business insights.

From interactive performance summaries, to historical benchmarking, to pipeline visibility and forecasting, Wave for Experience Cloud ensures that partners understand all aspects of their business so they can more easily grow yours.

Focus partners on the best opportunities.

Give partners insight into which activities are most productive, and which deals are ready to close. Self-service data exploration allows partners to spot the right opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Share personalised dashboards.

Give partners access to Wave dashboards to help them sell better. Securely control the extensibility and visibility of whatever you share. And because it’s part of the Salesforce Platform, Wave for Experience Cloud ensures you’re using the same security and permissions you already trust.

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