If you haven’t already decided to attend Salesforce World Tour Sydney, you will soon – here’s what you’ll walk away with on the day.

Attending Salesforce World Tour is a no-brainer. It’s packed with inspiration, imagination and innovation. We’re bringing together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of your peers to share ideas. You’ll learn, you’ll network, and you’ll grow. Most importantly, you’ll have fun. And it’s free to register.

But if your manager still needs convincing, consider this: whether you’re a company of five or 5000, you’ll see a boom in success from what you learn at World Tour. With inspiring expert speakers and demonstrations of live solutions from the world’s largest cloud ecosystem, we have tailored content specific to your industry, role and company size. Keep reading to learn more about why coming along might be one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make.

Service: your customers will love you even more

We’re all so connected, and you can’t afford to offer service that falls short of the expectations of an ‘always on’ world – your company is only as great as the customer service it provides.

Customer service must meet the demands of today’s mobile and social customers. You’ll learn how to deliver frictionless service to your customers in any situation, in revolutionary new ways.

You’ll hear from visionary service leaders about how you can increase customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction and increase the productivity of your support teams.

Marketing: you’ll deepen customer connections

Make the most of every customer interaction by creating personalised customer journeys and exceptional brand experiences. At World Tour, you’ll see the latest in email, mobile, social, web, ads and journey management.

Plus, you’ll learn about all the solutions Salesforce has for marketers – lead scoring and nurturing, building websites and mobile apps, social customer service, and much more. You’ll experience world-class education and networking, and connect to your customers like never before.

Sales: win more deals, keep more customers

Sales professionals need to be able to close deals from anywhere at a moment’s notice. At World Tour, you’ll find out how to do it even faster, and cut down the dead time spent on admin.

You’ll also hear from sales leaders about how to provide the best customer experience and build solid, long-term customer relationships, sending your retention and renewal rates sky-high.

IT: meet change with innovation

IT leaders from around the world are all facing a similar challenge: the acceleration of change. Hear from industry thought leaders, customers and analysts about the changing landscape of IT and how you can tackle the issues facing your business.

Our amazing customers will showcase how they use the Salesforce App Cloud to build apps faster and drive your business forward, explain how they incorporate App Cloud into their enterprise architecture, and give you tips to get started.