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We want our brands to be Australia’s best known and most loved restaurant brands. The customer experience across all channels is vital – not just in-store.”

Ken Russell, Head of Digital Marketing and Strategy


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Craveable Brands drives loyalty and $9 million in incremental sales

Red Rooster. Oporto. Chicken Treat. Collectively operated by Craveable Brands, these three Australian icons serve more than 150,000 customers a day, and are loved by hundreds of thousands more. Even so, in the competitive landscape of fast food restaurants, loyalty does not come easy. Brands need to be smarter about how they engage with customers and drive repeat sales.

“We want our brands to be Australia’s best known and most loved restaurant brands,” said Ken Russell, Head of Digital Marketing and Strategy at Craveable Brands. “The customer experience across all channels is vital – not just in-store.”

It’s this customer-centric mindset which has led the restaurant giant to transform its digital marketing and connect with customers more personally using Salesforce.

Personalising customer journeys

Email has long been a key touchpoint between Craveable Brands' and its customers. The challenge was that many of these emails were neither smart nor personal. More often than not, campaign offers were unrelated to customer preferences or transaction data, and take up was low. 

 "We wanted to connect all of our customer data and focus on creating journeys rather than individual emails or campaigns," said Russell. "Marketing Cloud offered the best way to achieve this with smart automation of email, social and mobile campaigns."

The business partnered with customer experience firm Kalido to speed its transformation and ultimately increase customer traffic in-store and online. Together, they implemented Marketing Cloud and launched the first email campaign in just four weeks. Soon after, they created more complex customer journeys with emails and offers that are contextually relevant based on customers' transaction data and proximity to stores.

"Everything is integrated so we can create and manage these end-to-end campaigns that deliver incredible ROI," said Russell. "We can also get smarter about how we re-engage existing customers and acquire new ones."

Removing obstacles to customer success

Craveable Brands has now moved beyond the creation of more personal, omnichannel journeys to solve additional challenges with Marketing Cloud. These have included revitalising its loyalty program and increasing traffic to online stores.

"We had the idea to start collecting customers' mobile numbers and linking these to their membership cards, and then we thought why not remove the card altogether?" said Russell. "With Marketing Cloud, we could ask for a customers' mobile number at POS and trigger an SMS inviting them to become a member."

This simple but smart idea has removed the cost of membership cards and driven a 35% uplift in new signups. It has also provided Craveable Brands with thousands of new mobile numbers which it can use to send out offers.

"We can send out an SMS to 250,000 members and see an immediate spike in traffic to our online stores," said Russell. "It's become an addictive way to communicate."

Moving closer to the customer

Salesforce is now at the heart of Craveable Brand’s digital marketing strategy, providing increasing insight into customer preferences and powering more sophisticated journeys that drive loyalty and growth.

“We have so much more intelligence around how, what and when to communicate with our customers, and the ability to do it in a way that drives incredible results,” said Russell.


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