Debt Busters

We knew that in order to grow, we’d need to centralise our data and ramp up our marketing efforts. Salesforce offered a platform that helped us do both.”

Wei Tang, Co-Founder of Debt Busters

Debt Busters transforms family business to help more people

Guided by a passion for helping others and resolving complex financial challenges, Debt Busters works with clients to take control of their finances for good. Its tailored approach acknowledges the unique situations that lead to financial stress, such as the breakdown of a relationship or failure of a business. It then provides a personalised action plan to get customers back on their feet. In most cases, this involves reducing the debt owed to creditors.

Simon Frew, Co-Founder of Debt Busters said that more than ten years in the industry helped the business to see the financial solution in every situation.

“We believe everyone deserves a fair go and so work with our clients and their creditors to achieve the best outcome for all parties. Salesforce helps ensure a consistent win/win approach as we grow,” said Frew.

Debt Busters’ fairness and consistency have helped it to earn the respect and approval of creditors and made it easier to renegotiate debts. In fact, the firm has helped clients save more than $68.9 million in debt repayments to date.

From family business to industry trailblazer

Debt Busters operated as a small family business for eight years before turning to Salesforce. The co-founders had positive feedback over the years from clients and creditors and knew the opportunity was there to expand. First, it needed to modernise its systems.

Wei Tang, Co-Founder of Debt Busters, said, “As a small family business it was very easy to operate with a consistent set of processes and values and send consistent messages to our stakeholders. We knew that in order to grow, we’d need to centralise our data and ramp up our marketing efforts. Salesforce offered a platform that helped us do both.”

The firm’s customer data now resides in Salesforce where it can manage workflow and connect all its apps for maximum productivity. These include NewVoiceMedia which automatically routes calls to the right consultants while bringing up the callers’ records in Salesforce. It helps consultants have more personalised conversations and complete calls faster.

Debt Busters has also set up rules and processes in Salesforce that guide consultants all the way through the management of client case files. Dashboards and daily reports help keep consultants on track while providing management with complete transparency over client service and sales.

Smarter marketing drives increased market share

Debt Busters has grown from a team of four to a team of eleven in just over two years. Pardot has been key to keeping the pipeline full and fostering this rapid growth. It helps Debt Busters run more integrated campaigns and has improved lead generation by 450%.

The increased flow of leads combined with the firm’s reputation for fair and consistent service have helped it to quadruple its market share. It’s also earning positive client reviews and has attracted interest from potential investors.

Next, Debt Busters plans to establish a Community where clients and others in debt can find the answers they need to solve their own challenges.

“Our passion for helping others remains, and if we can help more people, more efficiently, then we know we’re doing things right,” said Frew.


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