Jono Hennessy

We’re a small team but with technologies like Salesforce we’ve been able to grow fast and compete on a global scale.”

Louise Sceats, Managing Director

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Family-owned eyewear designer scales globally with Salesforce

Jono Hennessy offers eyewear with a vintage look and impressive heritage. Jono’s father, C.H. Filmer Sceats, was the first optometrist in Australia’s capital. He later expanded to Sydney where he became known for producing brightly coloured and bespoke optical frames. Jono continued with the craft, pushing boundaries with his bold experiential designs.

Today, the business remains in the family and continues to challenge industry norms. Louise Sceats, Managing Director, says the third generation of the business has enjoyed worldwide success and gained popularity with independent optometrists across Australia.

“We’re a small team but with technologies like Salesforce we’ve been able to grow fast and compete on a global scale,” said Sceats. “We’re also able to adapt quickly to an industry that’s changing massively here in Australia.”

Data-driven transformation sees relationships thrive

Jono Hennessy’s smart use of data is at the core of its recent success. Using Salesforce, the business has gathered deep insights into its customer base which it uses to personalise marketing and support. So while its competitors visit optometrists every three months – pushing the same promotions to all – Jono Hennessy stays top of mind with frequent communication tailored to their needs.

“Now that we know our customers, we can give them more of what they want and need to sell our products,” said Sceats.

Connecting business in the cloud yields new insights and efficiencies

Jono Hennessy was quick to realise the benefits cloud technologies could bring and moved its accounting and merchandising to the cloud early on. Connecting sales, service, and marketing in the cloud with Salesforce was a big leap forward.

To begin with, the business needed an easy way to collect and manage all of its customer data which, in the past, was in the hands of independent reps.

“Our reps are fantastic but we wanted a single view of our customers and the ability to personalise service from our head office. We also needed to get smarter about how we sell, and influence new tech-savvy buyers,” said Sceats.

The change has been welcomed by reps who are now at the top of their game. Rather than writing down orders and sending photographed copies to the warehouse, they can process orders and much more from the convenience of their phone.

Productivity is at an all-time high and everyone is on the same page when it comes to customer needs. It’s exactly where the business needs to be as it seeks to expand its Australian customer base to 700 optometrists.

From Sydney to Paris: Nurturing leads around the globe

Just before a major trade fair in Paris this year, Jono Hennessy switched on Pardot. It made it easy to capture new leads at the event and set up drip campaigns to start nurturing them right away. Pardot is now used to nurture leads around the globe and send out monthly product releases.

Sceats also uses it to track user activity on the website and see what content people engage with the most.

“We have so much more insight on our customers and what interests them, personally and professionally. We’re also building a more human connection with them and our reps,” said Sceats.

The decision to use Salesforce has helped Jono Hennessy grow 10% in the last year alone. It’s also set the team up for success as it targets a much larger market.

“As a family-owned business, we’re passionate about everything we do – especially customer service. Salesforce has given us the tools to stay on top, even as we grow.”


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