"When you find a product like Salesforce, you don’t have to worry about finding data anymore"

Matt Bullock,

eWAY plots global domination with Salesforce; salutes friction-free sales and service

Global payment platform eWAY is providing merchants with slick credit payment processing. In a single year eWAY processes close to thirty million payments. That’s a lot of happy customers – and merchants.

"I focus on two things: more customers and customers doing more transactions," said eWAY founder and CEO Matt Bullock.

He’s had big plans from the get-go and if they come together eWAY will be the leading local payment gateway around the globe.

“We are technology – if we don’t have it, we don’t have a business,” said Bullock. He’s specific about the technology he includes in his roadmap. It must integrate seamlessly across all business functions and support Bullock’s vision of “frictionless” business.

Salesforce met the brief.

“The number one reason we chose Salesforce is growth. We asked ourselves how we could grow and what we could plug in and scale,” said Bullock. “When you find a product like Salesforce, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Buy it, plug it in and make it work.”

“For us to on-board another 10,000 customers a day – it’s totally doable.” said Bullock.

Sales Cloud feeds the right leads and quality prospect information to eWAY customer agents. They know who and when to call and what to say. And when eWAY merchants enquire about the status of their applications or payments, the process is crystal clear. There’s no need to log in to different systems to form an answer. Service Cloud places the entire history of every customer at the agent’s fingertips. Merchants like that, because everything happens faster.

“We’ve got everything we need to know. Even when I’m out and about. I used to log into a web browser and get busy with my fat fingers to stretch open reports. Salesforce1 Mobile solves those problems,” said Bullock.

Bullock is a self-confessed data obsessive, who reads the data behind every business decision to inform his strategy. Salesforce dashboards tell him how his business is performing.

Salesforce Pardot is a goldmine of answers. Intelligence gleaned from lead generation activity fine-tunes and prioritises eWAY’s follow-up communication.

“What Pardot gives us – and this is where Salesforce really smashes it – is customer behaviour insights,” said Bullock.

Salesforce Community Cloud delivers a rich self-service destination. eWAY merchants put it to good use.

“Communities provide fast answers – it’s killing tickets!” said Bullock. “We’ve dramatically reduced tickets – even on the first day of go-live.”

eWAY’s sales and service model is without borders. Bullock calls it “frictionless” and the model ensures every interaction between eWAY and its merchants is productive and highly efficient. One example is the process that manages eWAY merchant sign-on. Bullock said a merchant could navigate the entire process, from whoa-to-go, in one hit. Merchants don’t even have to speak to an eWAY agent.

Behind the scenes, processes contained in different clouds are tightly integrated. Critically, Salesforce Platform links eWAY’s payments cloud and accounting systems, laying foundations for the style of service eWAY merchants love.

“We’ve got sales and service, and marketing sits on top. It’s just beautiful. With analytics underneath, it’s a crazy thing that we’ve built,” said Bullock.

The model seems to work. eWAY’s rate of merchant churn is just 0.5%.

“If our customers are growing and we’re growing – it’s happy days ,” said Bullock.