Inspirato with American Express

"The Salesforce1 Mobile App keeps our Destination Service team connected to the home office and our members."

—David Kallery

Salesforce helps Inspirato make personal connections with luxury travelers

Luxury vacations were once defined by exotic destinations, 1,200 thread count Egyptian sheets, and indulgent spa services. But today, truly exceptional travel experiences are measured by a provider’s ability to tailor them to an individual’s particular tastes and preferences, accommodating travelers’ needs before they are even expressed. Inspirato with American Express, a members-only destination club with a network of luxury villas stretching from Aspen to Tuscany, uses Salesforce to provide highly personalized service to their individual members and corporate customers as well as access to a Signature Collection of luxury homes, experiences, and VIP offerings around the world.

“As the company grew, we knew we needed a system that would ensure we could maintain the high level of service that is fundamental to our member experience,” said David Kallery, President of Inspirato.

Inspirato initially tapped Sales Cloud to manage sales of individual and family memberships, and a business product designed for corporate incentives or executive benefits. Salesforce helps the company follow prospects through the entire sales cycle, from initial inquiry through closing. Eventually, Inspirato realized that Salesforce could benefit other departments and, ultimately, their club members too. By using additional Salesforce products such as the Saleforce1 Mobile App, it was a breeze for Inspirato to connect their destination service team to the home office, and all their members.

“To provide the level of service we offer, we need to know everything about our members, their spouses, and their children,” explains Kallery. “We need to know dates of anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones, which restaurants or golf courses they like — and whether they like to play in the morning or the afternoon. Whether they prefer wine or beer, and their favorite brands. Even what food they want stocked in their refrigerator.”

Inspirato rolled out Service Cloud to their personal vacation advisors, who help club members plan their vacations; and to the company’s on-site destination concierges, who take care of members once they are in-residence. Customer data is unified in one place, so it’s easy for Inspirato employees to get the information they need. And a customized UI and integrated telephony mean they can get the information fast. Inspirato also uses Salesforce Chatter to help employees easily share information and collaborate to better serve members.

Inspirato has also built out a robust website where members can check availability of every home in the club’s portfolio, build an itinerary, and even pre-order groceries to be stocked upon arrival.

Vacation planning from anywhere

In the future, Inspirato plans to add Chatter Communities, so club members can participate in conversations with their personal vacation advisors and destination concierges about vacation specifics. The company also plans to develop mobile apps with Salesforce Platform that will let members plan trips and modify details from anywhere. iPads included in vacation villas will make it easy for members to adjust trip specifics during their stay, or quickly check out upon departure.

Kallery explains, “We passionately believe that live voice-to-voice is the best, and like to use the phone to communicate trip specifics. However, our members are busy and active, and need to be able to communicate with us at any time, day or night.”

With Salesforce, Inspirato’s sales and member services teams are more productive, and can offer better and more consistent service. “Salesforce helps us provide the high-end, personalized service that our members expect and deserve,” said Kallery.

Inspirato with American Express
Inspirato with American Express