Developers and IT Professionals

Developers it's never been so fast to deliver custom apps on Salesforce. Learn how Lightning components and App Builder help you deliver. Fast.

Customer Theatre

Choose from a selection of 10 minute high value presentations and live demonstrations

  • Building Apps Lightning Fast

    With the Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component Framework, developers and their business partners can build amazing apps even faster. In this session learn how you can:

    • Build Apps Visually with Lightning App Builder
    • Develop re-usable UI components with the Lightning Component Framework
    • Buy and Sell Components on the AppExchange
  • Taking Your Organisation Mobile **

    Building a mobile app to engage customers is critical to your business success. If you want to hire and retain, the best and brightest, you need to engage employees at every step of their life cycle, from recruiting to onboarding to training. Learn how mobile, social HR apps can boost employee engagement.

  • Connecting the Internet of Things to Your Customers **

    With Salesforce IoT Cloud, you can capture events and the resulting data around any and every personal interaction at scale, from web site engagement and device usage, to email histories and mobile events or location, to IoT signals. This gives you a very rich 360-degree profile of your customer or device.

Collaboration Corners

As you look to Design Your Unfair Advantage, Salesforce expertise and knowledge will be on hand to help you innovate. Whether you simply want to bounce ideas/concepts or get a deeper understanding about the technologies you have seen and heard, the Salesforce team will be on hand to answer questions about architecture, solutions engineering and implementation. Bring to life your ideas on how you and your organisation can gain an unfair advantage.


Hands on Workshops

Select from a variety of immersive 30 minute workshops.

  • Enabling Salesforce 1 Mobile

    Understand how your organisation can get Salesforce 1 mobile up and running. Drive sales, align your team, and keep all your CRM current from anywhere. Manage Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities right from your phone.

  • Turning on Lightning

    Undertand how your organisation can tap into the amazing innovations in the Lightning user experience. When we’re talking about Lightning Experience, we’re talking about pages in Salesforce optimised for sales use. We’re talking about new features like Contextual Hovers, Activity Feed and fully Customisable Dashboards which help your sales reps focus on the right deals and the right activities, every time they log in. We’re talking about flexible, interactive tools that sales reps can use to visualise data and work deals in flight.

  • Lightning Experience Rollout

    Join us in this hands on workshop to work through your Lightning Experience Roll-Out Strategy. We'll walk through resources to learn about Lightning, how to identify an executive sponsor, stakeholders and super users. Plus we'll show you how to demonstrate Lightning for your company and determine which teams will use it.

  • Getting Started with the Success Community

    Are you a part of our online Success Community? If not you are missing out on an opportunity to collaborate, connect and get your questions answered with almost 1.9 million Salesforce users. Let us get you set-up with your online profile and connect you with key groups and content that will make your Salesforce Journey a successful one.

** Not showing in Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore