Trust Imperative 2.0

What personalisation means for government in 2021 and beyond

New BCG and Salesforce report: The Trust Imperative: This time it’s personal

Building on last year’s research on the relationship between trust and government service delivery, a new report canvasses the public appetite for personalised government services.

The research found 62 per cent of Australian customers said digital government services would be greatly improved if they were personalised to customers’ specific situations.Across A/NZ, 76 per cent of customers said that they expect government services to be tailored to their individual circumstances and 87 per cent expect some level of proactivity from agencies.

Using survey results from almost 3000 Australians and New Zealanders, ‘Trust Imperative 2.0 - This time it’s personal’ examines: 

  • What citizens want personalisation to look like in a government context, along with the latest in an evolving relationship between trust, personalisation and levels of service interaction
  • Agencies’ roles as data custodians and the need for transparency
  • A significant window of opportunity for agencies to keep cultivating greater trust through personalised, proactive service delivery.

Download the full report to understand how citizen expectations are changing, which of their expectations aren’t changing, and what agencies can do to build on this new momentum.

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